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  • OK.

  • This is our ramen experiment.

  • OK.

  • This is our steaming ball of Ichiban Ramen that we're going to try and freeze solid in place.

  • We'll check back in five minutes and see where we're at.

  • It was just boiling hot.

  • OK.

  • It's been just five minutes.

  • Let's see how much has changed in just five minutes.

  • Hm.

  • It's stiffer for sure.

  • But it's not frozen yet.

  • Needs more time.

  • OK.

  • It's been a total of 15 minutes since we brought the noodles outside.

  • There's still some steam coming off here but the noodles are frozen and the broth still is brothy.

  • But we have frozen noodles here for sure.

  • But we're gonna let the whole thing freeze and see what that looks like.

  • So it's about minus 40 here in Grand Prairie today.

  • OK.

  • There's our noodles.

  • We're gonna bring them in now.

  • Alright, there is our frozen noodles.

  • Completely frozen solid.

  • Hey, that's cool.

  • Yeah.

  • Well, there you have it.

  • We have our completely frozen bowl of ramen noodles.

  • We left it outside for probably a little over two hours and it is totally, totally frozen.


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