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Google is kind of a unique company for me and for, I think, for a lot of people that
work there. >> What Google does is it allows you a fantastic
environment to be innovative and to get your product developed really quickly.
>> It is a very different structure than the rest of the engineering community.
>> We always really try to avoid bureaucracy so that people can really do what makes sense
in their project. >> One thing that's great about Google is
that you have a lot of autonomy over your product and its directions.
>> We're encouraged to work on whatever we think is important. Often, the best ideas
come from the employees. >> At Google, if you come in in your first
week and you have a good idea on how things should be done and people agree with you,
in that first week, you can start making those changes.
>> The biggest resource is definitely the people.
>> One of the things that attracted me to Google and makes it a very comfortable place
is they hire the people who are very good. >> I think Google goes after people that are
entrepreneurial, that are kind of go-getters. >> Everyone in the company is just so accessible
and everyone is really driven to make the company succeed.
>> No two employees will have the same background. There's no formula...
>> We have people straight ahead of college. We have people who have been in the industry
for 25 years. >> The concentration of talent that we have
at Google is really quite amazing. >> I come to work and I look forward to the
conversation I'm going to have during the day with my colleagues and with people I haven't
met yet within the company because I know that, today, I'm going to find five new great
ideas that I'm going to excited about. >> We have yoga. We have Pilates.
>> I love massages. I'm a spa queen. >> Let me mention the food...
>> Food here, by the way, is great. >> We have a French lunch where we get together
and we speak French. We have the great cafeterias. >> There is any type of amazing cuisine, even
better than some of the restaurants in New York.
>> That's an extra benefit and pretty nice. >> You know that what you are working on will
be seen by millions and millions of people. And when you have that kind of visibility...
>> You're in a position to make a difference to people that you've never met.
>> It's something that makes it just fun to go to work in the morning because you're thinking
about the people that you're going to talk to or the problems that you're going to try
to tackle and solve so it's really a great place to work.
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An Inside Look at Google - Working at Google

1319 Folder Collection
趙庭瑩 published on October 4, 2014
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