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  • That was far from San Francisco and that's Elon Musk, uh visiting Israel.

  • Uh What did he accomplish while he was there?

  • Well, I, I mean, he's engaged with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • I kind of think that's the big news so far.

  • They did this 20 minute spaces on X where Musk said that he'd like to help rebuild Gaza at the conclusion of the Israel Hamas War.

  • Um And, you know, he basically said that he was disturbed by some of the images that he'd seen you looking at pictures there of, of Elon Musk with, with Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Remember that the context here is that earlier this month, Musk made a post on X that appeared to endorse another user's anti Semitic theory.

  • And Musk has since said that he is absolutely not anti Semitic.

  • A number of people have spoken up on his behalf saying he is not anti Semitic, but that's the backdrop of why he's there and, and what he's engaging with.

  • Um and you know, world's richest person X AC, a kind of critical communication platform and there's a starlink element to this as well.

  • Uh And II, I wanna get to that to that element of it, Ed, but when it comes to advertisers who have started to pull out because of concerns over anti-semitism and X to be clear that was about posts on the website that wasn't about Elon's uh alleged anti-semitism.

  • Right.

  • So does this, I mean, address that concern at all?

  • Those are, were at the time two completely separate occurrences that were conflated due to the proximity of them happening.

  • The concern from advertisers principally was a report published by media matters that X and Musk have now sued on, they've sued media matters.

  • Um Basically the the original report purported to show data that advertisers like Apple IBM, their posts were appearing in timelines, their adverts advertisements were appearing in timelines against malicious content, essentially something that X vehemently denies.

  • So let's get to the Starlink connection.

  • Then how is that going to play a role in all of this?

  • So, uh you know, in any war environment, uh connectivity is an issue.

  • And the Israelis said earlier today in a statement through their communications minister that a principal understanding has been reached for Starlink to become operational in Israel and also in the Gaza Strip.

  • But with the caveat that the Israeli government must be the one to approve its use in both Israel and Gaza.

That was far from San Francisco and that's Elon Musk, uh visiting Israel.

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