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So, out of morbid curiosity, I wondered just how the original PlayStation version of Final
Fantasy VII would stack up to this strange, strange PC version we’ve just seen. And
so, in the interest of science and the edification of the YouTube viewing populace, I ran through
the majority of Midgar on both versions, on film, to get side-by-side comparisons. Now,
for clarification, this is an original PS1 copy running on a PS2, because when I tried
running it on a PS3...
… yeah. And that’s with smoothing on. It just makes the jaggies even jaggier. And
I’m not even sure what that checkerboard-looking effect is. We puzzled over that one for a
while. One of the first things you notice is that the PC version has much higher-res
fonts, which save the eyes from trauma when dealing with an exceptionally wordy RPG like
this. That said, when the time for talking is over and there’s pre-rendered cinematics
to be watched... the difference is kinda negligible.
In battle, though, the improved power of the PC port really shines. Sure, it’s using
all the old models, but they looked pretty good back then and look even better today
with more definition. I have to wonder, would it really have been too much of a pain in
the butt to take these models and use them in place of those ol’ Popeye-armed monstrosities?
Y’know, aside from having to re-render all the cutscenes? They could’ve used another
coat of paint, as could the backgrounds, which are almost completely unaltered from the original
PlayStation version. At least standard-def TVs have some fuzziness to them that helps
conceal their age, but on a brand-new laptop, those things stick out like a sore thumb,
especially considering that anything you can interact with looks crisp and well-defined.
And the translation. Yes, there are some fixes. “This guy is sick,” instead of “This
guy are sick.” A few grammatical corrections. And, perhaps the most tragically lost, the
classic “So that’s how you’ll fool them” discourse, actually kinda makes sense here.
And your ears don’t deceive you; the soundtrack is a bit off relative to the PlayStation original,
owing to the extra tweaking the audio engineers added as they adapted the MIDI tracks to Sony’s
sequencer format. The original 1998 PC version of Final Fantasy VII was a... well, a hot
mess, owing to a company that never in a million years thought their project would be the success
it was. Now they know it’s a hit... so c’mon, Square-Enix, give us that full remake you
teased with that tech demo. Do it. Or the flower girl gets it.
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CGRundertow FINAL FANTASY VII PlayStation VS. PC Video Game Comparison

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阿多賓 published on April 11, 2013
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