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  • So, out of morbid curiosity, I wondered just how the original PlayStation version of Final

  • Fantasy VII would stack up to this strange, strange PC version weve just seen. And

  • so, in the interest of science and the edification of the YouTube viewing populace, I ran through

  • the majority of Midgar on both versions, on film, to get side-by-side comparisons. Now,

  • for clarification, this is an original PS1 copy running on a PS2, because when I tried

  • running it on a PS3...

  • yeah. And that’s with smoothing on. It just makes the jaggies even jaggier. And

  • I’m not even sure what that checkerboard-looking effect is. We puzzled over that one for a

  • while. One of the first things you notice is that the PC version has much higher-res

  • fonts, which save the eyes from trauma when dealing with an exceptionally wordy RPG like

  • this. That said, when the time for talking is over and there’s pre-rendered cinematics

  • to be watched... the difference is kinda negligible.

  • In battle, though, the improved power of the PC port really shines. Sure, it’s using

  • all the old models, but they looked pretty good back then and look even better today

  • with more definition. I have to wonder, would it really have been too much of a pain in

  • the butt to take these models and use them in place of those olPopeye-armed monstrosities?

  • Y’know, aside from having to re-render all the cutscenes? They couldve used another

  • coat of paint, as could the backgrounds, which are almost completely unaltered from the original

  • PlayStation version. At least standard-def TVs have some fuzziness to them that helps

  • conceal their age, but on a brand-new laptop, those things stick out like a sore thumb,

  • especially considering that anything you can interact with looks crisp and well-defined.

  • And the translation. Yes, there are some fixes. “This guy is sick,” instead ofThis

  • guy are sick.” A few grammatical corrections. And, perhaps the most tragically lost, the

  • classicSo that’s how youll fool themdiscourse, actually kinda makes sense here.

  • And your ears don’t deceive you; the soundtrack is a bit off relative to the PlayStation original,

  • owing to the extra tweaking the audio engineers added as they adapted the MIDI tracks to Sony’s

  • sequencer format. The original 1998 PC version of Final Fantasy VII was a... well, a hot

  • mess, owing to a company that never in a million years thought their project would be the success

  • it was. Now they know it’s a hit... so c’mon, Square-Enix, give us that full remake you

  • teased with that tech demo. Do it. Or the flower girl gets it.

So, out of morbid curiosity, I wondered just how the original PlayStation version of Final

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