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  • I told you we needed to get our battery checked out. It's fine. It's fine. This can be fixed easily

  • And these creatures are freaking me out yo what they're cows

  • Freaky come on. Let's go find shelter and contact Mission Control. All right

  • Hi lieutenant, let me guess you idiots crash the ship again. It wasn't my fault. It was his fault

  • There's nothing we can do we're low on funds the captain said not to send anything to you if you messed up again

  • Hello Woods, you're on your own gentlemen. Ah

  • This is this is really bad, how are we gonna raise money to fix the ship? Well, we could get a job

  • What's a job it's a thing humans. Do they get paid for being bored and miserable? Oh, that sounds terrible

  • That does sound terrible. Well based on my calculations

  • If we find an energy source similar to that of our native Stardust

  • What if we start a band a band?

  • How are we gonna do that? We don't even know how to play any instruments. That is correct. We're music illiterate. Yeah. Yeah

  • Yeah, but what if we watch some YouTube tutorials and learn and then we dress real cool, you know and take some cool pictures

  • Then we create our own website. What what's something we could do ourselves?

  • Jeff did a quick search Wix seems to be most popular amongst humans

  • If any human can figure it out, then we sure can perfect. We'll build our website on with right some cool songs

  • Take some cool pictures mark it ourselves and then it goes viral and people start messaging and booking us and then we sell out stadiums

  • And become millionaires and buy new parts so we can go home. That's genius. I know it

  • Is it it is pretty genius, right? We just need the perfect domain name. Oh, I think I got just the one

  • Let's start rockin boys * Rock Plays*

I told you we needed to get our battery checked out. It's fine. It's fine. This can be fixed easily

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