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  • [Announcer]: Begin!

  • Let us m... MOVE OUT!

  • [Scout]: Let's go, let's go let's go!

  • You suck!

  • I promise I will heal you!

  • [Everyone screams for Medic]

  • [Demo]: Bloody hell! [Scout]: Ah, crap.

  • Sniper, move!

  • Nah!

  • Ahem.

  • Everyone back to the base...

  • Nope.

  • [Engineer]: Hey boys, it's a spy!

  • [Soldier]: How much for my hat?

  • Four buds.

  • Deal!

  • Sweet!

  • It's crate time!

  • Cheers mate!

  • Oh no.

  • I'll see you in hell!

  • [Announcer]: Teams have been scrambled!

  • Oh, merde!

[Announcer]: Begin!

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B2 scout announcer bloody hell scrambled crate sniper

[SFM] TF2 in 60 seconds (Saxxy Awards 2014)

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    eaglekuo posted on 2014/09/30
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