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The built-in Amp and Speaker cabinet simulation In Pro Tools SE
Will make recording your guitar easier than ever before.
Let's take a look at it
We're back in the Session, let's take a listen to what we've got.
Now I want to record some guitar but I'm going to have to create a track first.
I'm going to select my Bass track,
so that the new track will be placed directly below it. Nice!
Audio track, Mono
and that's it.
Now don't be tempted to NOT name your track,
all the Pro's do...
and you should too.
Now just like when we recorded the bass guitar,
Input 2 on the Fasttrack
is where my guitar
is plugged in.
Record enable the track,
and Gabe?
A little bit more...
Now I'm going to load up a Track Preset,
a nice clean guitar tone.
Play a bit Gabe....
Let's try a Blues tone,
little bit of edge.
No, not right. I prefer the clean sound so I'm going to go back
and load up the first one. Now If I open up the Plug-in you can see the controls for the Guitar Amp,
and we'll take a look at these
later on
I'm going to bring up the track Volume so Gabe
can hear what he's playing..
One more time Gabe.
Nice! Alright, from the top of the song.
Okay, so once you've got your track recorded you still have lots of control over
your Guitar Tone.
Let's solo the track and I'll show you.
There's the Pre Amp Gain.
Drive, and EQ.
Now what you've created
a custom present or a modification
you can save that for later recall.
Just give it a name
and hit Okay.
Now let's cycle around the guitar part.
I'm going to bypass the Reverb,
and call up another Factory Setting
for the Guitar Amp.
I'll choose Pignose. It's a loud patch so I'll bring down the volume.
Nice, let's add some Dynamic Delay
and call up my custom patch.
Let's take a listen to that.
that's a great tone,
let's try something else maybe
a nice Twin.
Or my favorite the classic Marshall Plexi.
A little less on the Pre Amp.
Add the Delay.
Now instead of saving the Guitar Amp Preset, I'm going to save the Instrument Setting that way
it will encompass
the entire Effects chain.
I'm going to choose Save As,
and then give it a name, something that you can relate to, like... for me
that's Custom Plexi Setup
and it'll always be there for use at
a later time.
And of course you can clear all Effects in one go
by choosing
No Setting...
There we go.
And you can load them all up again
either from the open Plug-In menu, like so. Or
over on the track itself.
my savings, all restored.
Now I'm sure that you'll find many uses for the Guitar Amp Effects.
Let's check it in the mix.
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Pro Tools® SE - The Guitar Amp Effect - Win 7 & Mac OS X

1110 Folder Collection
andy published on September 29, 2014
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