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  • Hey, we're on a day trip from Taipei today.

  • Yeah, first up is this place called Jiufen.

  • I think that's how you say it. I actually have no idea.

  • I asked the lady in the tourist info; I think that's what she said.

  • Anyway, the train out of Taipei was totally heaving 'cause it's Chinese New Year today.

  • And now, we're waiting in a massive queue for the bus as well.

  • - Yeah, we⏤ - It's just coming; hopefully, we'll get on this one.

  • We're like ten metres into the street, already stopped for some food.

  • These are some shrimp balls; let's see what it's like.

  • Actually, this is our first food in Taiwan.

  • This is exciting.

  • Oh, my God; amazing!

  • Oh, it's so good.

  • I'm not sure what the sauce is.

  • Sweet and sour at the same time.

  • This tastes like something we used to have when we were kids.

  • Oh, I think it tastes like a fig roll.

  • A fig roll? I love a fig roll.

  • I haven't even finished my squid, and I've just found some more food I want to eat.

  • King oyster mushrooms; come and look at these.

  • We've been here less than an hour, and we've stopped five times for food, and it's all been really, really, really good.

  • That's the best one yet, I think.

  • Squid's pretty good, too.

  • Well, if you've seen the movie "Spirited Away", this is actually the place that the director got all his inspiration from.

  • Yeah, it's a famous view, but, as you can see, today, not much of a view.

  • We've come a bit further down the tracks, and we got off at Shifen Old Street.

  • Everyone's releasing lanterns 'cause it's Chinese New Year and it's really beautiful.

  • They're all going off into the sky with all the new year messages and stuff.

  • I love railway lines, and this is just ideal for me.

  • I got us some food; more food.

  • Takoyaki.

  • We just headed further up the line to Pingxi Station, and we're sitting in this little cafe with an awesome view, right next to the railway tracks.

  • And there's a dog; yes!

  • More food; a steamed bun sandwich.

  • - There's pork... - Coriander and sugar.

  • Don't know what the sugar is all about.

  • It's really good.

  • That's us just back in Taipei.

  • Had a really great wee day trip today.

  • Enjoyed being up in the mountains, even though it was really foggy and we couldn't see anything.

  • Loved seeing the sky lanterns and just, generally, riding the trains, that was really cool.

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  • Don't forget the bell.

  • - OK, see you next time. - See you next time, bye.

Hey, we're on a day trip from Taipei today.

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