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Sure, there have been puzzle games in the arcades, and sure, they’ve been on home
consoles, but let’s be honest. The true test of any puzzle game is how well it entertains
you on the road. It’s been that way since Tetris. The short-burst, pick-up-and-go action
is ideal for handhelds. (And, well, for making people on the bus wonder what the hell you’re
doing.) So it was only natural that Puzzle Fighter, full name Super Puzzle Fighter II
Turbo (though there was no regular-speed, and there was no Puzzle Fighter 1) would eventually
be adapted to the up-and-coming Game Boy Advance. And while porting a PlayStation game to the
GBA seems kinda ridiculous in hindsight, the one part that made it intact was the gameplay.
So at least they had their priorities in order.
For the maybe fifteen of you out there who haven’t played Puzzle Fighter yet, four
colors of gems fall from the top of the screen all Puyo Puyo style, though just collecting
a bunch of them together isn’t enough to remove them from your side of the screen.
They’ll just weld themselves together into more and more imposing configurations. Instead,
you need to connect a Crash Gem - those spherical looking ones - to gems of the same color,
which make them shatter and make a huge mess and make your super-chibi Street Fighter or
Darkstalkers avatar character in the middle there actually do something. Mind, there’s
no health bar or anything, you’re just flinging garbage blocks onto your opponent’s side.
But unlike Puyo and somewhat like Puzzle League, these impediments can not only be removed
by creating a reaction near them, but will eventually turn into real gems that can make
for delayed-reaction combos, further punishing your opponent for throwing that crap over
here in the first place.
Some aspects are rather weak in this Game Boy Advance version - the graphics are grainy
to the point that the included artwork is pretty much illegible, the sound effects are
repetitive and every color, sound test, and other unlock involves having to take down
a vicious computer opponent. But you’re on a train, or a long car ride, and you’ve
got nothing but time. And you don’t care how weird you look, throttling your GBA (or
PSP, with the Capcom Puzzle World collection). And as vicious as that computer opponent is,
it’s still damned fun, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in this turnabout-laden
game. That is, until your girlfriend reveals herself to be a tenth-level Super Puzzle Fighter
II Turbo grand mast...erm... mistress, capable of decimating the fiercest of opponents with
distressing ease. You think you know someone...
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CGRundertow SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER II TURBO for Game Boy Advance Video Game Review

1621 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 10, 2013
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