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  • You said earlier about being rattled after Everestone would never assume that, of course.

  • You climbed the biggest mountain in the world, and you come down and you're rattled and your confidence is knocked.

  • (I) Think big mountains are humbling, you know.

  • And sometimes you take on these big projects and it's about, come on, we're gonna do it and you're full of that "confidence", but it's often quite surface.

  • Then, I think, when you see things close up and...

  • I think I came away with a real awareness of that I've been really lucky and got away with my life where others hadn't up there.

  • And this stage, Everest was killing one in six people's lives, you know.

  • And beforehand, I read about that and it was almost kind of... it was almost glamorous, it was almost, like, romantic, you know.

  • But you see the reality of it close up and it's not romantic; it's dark and difficult and confusing.

  • And I think my feeling at the end of it was that I got really lucky, you know, I've been, no doubt, dug deep in a few big moments and, you know, it was some 92 days on them mountains.

  • There's a lot of times you do have to dig deep, but, ultimately, had a bit of luck at key times.

  • And I think I came away aware of that and grateful for that, but less certain that just because you're determined in life doesn't mean everything's gonna go well.

  • You know, and I think before, and I kind of thought, "If you give everything, it's all gonna work out."

  • But as you know, in everything in life, that there's no guarantees, you know, we'rewe live a gloves-off life.

  • You know, life is gloves-off; there are no rules of, kind of, like, "If you give, it's all gonna be, you know, roses and sunshine."

  • You know, you can give the best in the world, and that's going to behit you sometimes, you know, you get ill or something happens.

  • And I think that's the part of me that got a bit shaken andbut, you know, that's just life.

  • And you have to live with your eyes wide open to that and still choose to try and make the good decisions and pick the good attitudes and put them on like a T-shirt every day,

  • that even the gloves are off, we're gonna go for this, we're gonna do our best to be positive,

  • do our best to give our best and keep going for it.

  • Those four people that passed away, were they climbing with you?

  • Two Russians and a Brit and New Zealander from other teams.

  • But they're there on the mountain at the same time and never came back.

  • And I remember, with their teammates, you know, afterwards, just them... them in tears and sitting with them...

  • And it doesit definitely made me question a lot at the time, is... is any mountain really worth a life, of which the clear answer is: no.

  • But at the time, you know, sometimes your ambition is, you know, it's like, we're gonna go for it.

  • And... and that's why I think, now, kind of with a bit of time and experience, "Would I... would I do it now, would I take a one-in-six chance of not coming home now?"

  • No, 'cause you have more to live for.

  • But I think, at the time, I was like, I'm all in, I'm gonna go⏤I wanna make my mark, you know, at a young age and... and the truth is, I got lucky.

You said earlier about being rattled after Everestone would never assume that, of course.

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