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  • My story begins with my parents. They were both addicted to drugs and alcohol,

  • and they lived in a small house. They got married after being together for maybe

  • two to three years. My mother became pregnant with me and she truly believed

  • that I was a blessing from God, so she got completely clean off any drugs and

  • booze, and she also got a job working really hard to pay for me and herself

  • while she was still pregnant. In the months she was clean, she became upset and

  • distant with my father as he continued drinking and using drugs. They argued all

  • the time and my father didn't pay any bills, nor did he have a job, nor did he

  • quit any of his habits. But nonetheless, they stayed together. My mother then gave

  • birth to me, my father missed due to his drug use and

  • informed my mother at the hospital that he lost the house because, well, he didn't

  • pay any of the bills for months on end. They were separated but still legally

  • together, up until 2009 when my father went to prison for a violent crime. He

  • was sentenced to a 10-year sentence with parole after having served five. So I

  • grew up without him. I was almost in the fifth grade by the time he was released

  • for good behavior. Then, he tried to get back into my life. I started going to his

  • house sometimes when he asked me on the weekends. He remarried only a few days

  • after being out of prison, and I didn't like that. I didn't like being around his

  • house because, as far as I knew, my dad and his wife and his wife's family were

  • just strangers to me. When I was a kid growing up without him, I really missed

  • my dad, like a lot, even though I didn't remember him at all and I felt guilty

  • for looking at him as a stranger. And then, across a three-year period of

  • middle school, my father showed his true colors.

  • The first incident that made me lose a lot of respect for him was when he

  • continued having marital problems with his new wife. They would argue a lot and

  • they both said hurtful things, and she even tried to grab me to keep me in the

  • house when they argued, and my father tried to stay at a hotel with me for the

  • night. Then, the second time he had divorced and remarried once again only a

  • few days after his divorce. This woman already had three children and I was

  • obviously ignored for the other kids when I went to his house. Then, they also

  • had marital problems. He would tell me to put my shoes on and jacket so

  • they could leave and then he would go back to argue, and then he would tell me

  • to put my shoes and my jacket on and go back to argue. And this would continue

  • for almost the whole night. Now, they both have two more kids and my father is

  • struggling to provide for them. And at one point, I realized the same thing had

  • been going on for almost four years of his freedom after being out of jail. So

  • 13 year old me decided to stop going to my father's house. I would make excuses

  • and only go when I had to, and my father would continue to get angry that I

  • wouldn't go. So now, nearly a year after making excuses not to go, the next time

  • he asked me to go to his house I'm going to say no and explain why I'm never

  • going to his house ever again. Because he's done nothing in his four years of

  • freedom. I haven't found the courage to say it to his face yet, so wish me luck.

My story begins with my parents. They were both addicted to drugs and alcohol,

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