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  • Happy New Year. Today you find me making  Champagne Jellies, a good palette cleanser

  • and an excellent dish for a celebratory  dinner. For this recipe you will need...

  • Champagne

  • Sugar

  • and gelatine

  • This

  • is a simple but effective recipe. The  trick is keeping the Champagne bubbles

  • in your jelly and that means  keeping your Champagne cold.

  • This bottle has been in ice and salt for nearly  two hours. If it was water it would be frozen.

  • I'm now going to melt my sugar  in a little bit of the Champagne

  • and

  • then after

  • melt in my gelatine.

  • Now that my sugar is melted  I will add the gelatine.

  • Packet gelatine has made making  jellies and blancmanges so much easier.

  • When I first started I had to make calves' foot  jelly. That means boiling them, then letting

  • them cool then straining and then clarifying and  then reducing before you could add the flavours.

  • As this only has sugar and Champagne  this would have been impossible.

  • Packet gelatine has been about for ten years  or so. But I still insist that the girls learn

  • how to make calves' foot jelly. It is one of the  modern conveniences that I allow in my kitchen.

  • I'm now going to get Sylvia to strain  this and then we'll let it cool.

  • I'm now going to put the rest of my  Champagne in with my gelatine mix.

  • If you wanted to set fruit in the  jelly then you would need to let

  • it set a little thicker so the  fruit didn't drop to the bottom.

  • But I'm only using small moulds so  I'm going to pour it straight away.

  • Champagne is expensive and comes from France.

  • Mr Strutt loves it. He was telling me that  in the 18th century the French really tried

  • hard to make wine without any fizz. They  thought that the bubbles were a mistake.

  • But the British really liked it. Since  then the French winemakers have decided

  • sparkling wine isn't a mistake and have also  worked out how to make more robust bottles.

  • These now need to set so I'm going to put  them in the refrigerator, the ice cave.

  • Now the jellies are ready to be turned outAs these are in copper moulds and now ceramic

  • they should turn out with a quick dip in hot  water or being wrapped around with a hot cloth.

  • These will look quite elegant  on this plate and will sparkle

  • in the candlelight of the dessert table.

  • Some houses have gaslight andbelieve Hatfield House has electricity.

  • But here we have oil and candles.

  • I try to put on the table things  that will work with the candles

  • like this plate with its gilt edge,

  • these jellies of course, along with the silverware  that the family and friends will be using.

  • It'll be as if they're having their own  little fireworks display at their table.

  • Now these are just small jellies.  I've also made a larger one.

  • As this is a big meal I'm going to  repeat the dish along the table.

  • There we are. Champagne Jelly.

Happy New Year. Today you find me making  Champagne Jellies, a good palette cleanser

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