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  • Leto is a young man

  • in the books he's 9 years old, but for the purposes of television

  • we have made him older

  • but basically what he retains from the book is that he is a young man, who has

  • a lot knowledge that he'd maybe shouldn't have, or

  • a lot of past lives inside him,

  • and therefore he has a lot of...

  • he's very mature in a way that freaks a lot of people out, as is his twin sister Ghanima

  • and they are very very close, and he is dissatisfied really with the world in which he lives, and

  • he's trying to change things, he sees a path

  • he sees a plan or a future

  • whereby the world in which they live, this empire that

  • that humanity has become

  • in 10,000 years from now, he sees a path where he can change it,

  • he can make a world where people

  • are free to choose their own destiny

  • As I say he has all the past lives of thousands ancestors residing in him

  • so he's got this knowledge

  • at the same time he's been able to use it because he's also got

  • the natural intelligence to be able to deal with it in a way that his aunt can't.

  • Alia deals with this abomination, this pre-born-ness

  • very badly, where as the two twins are a lot more clued up with it, and a lot more weary

  • and deal with it

  • with a lot more intelligence than she does and thus avoid abomination

  • and hopefully win the day,

  • like good guys do!

  • Well I was a huge fan of the book when I was very young, not very young, 15 - 16 I read the

  • books to begin with

  • and shortly after I saw the David Lynch movie as well, and loved that.

  • Didn't like it as much as I liked the books, it had things that I didn't love about it

  • Yeah, basically a huge fan of the first 3 books

  • from when I was young

  • and that was a huge draw for me to do this

  • because it was Sci-Fi, and it was Frank Herbert, it was Leto in

  • Children of Dune, which is just a great part, so yeah, that was kind of the big draw for me to do this

  • So yeah, there have been a lot of comedic moments,

  • I've appeared in this film naked many times now

  • we were doing running through the desert,

  • we'd done it like seventeen times,

  • and Miro the second unit director said "Do you want another one?" just try something different,

  • do anything you like, we don't really need it, but in case you have anything else left in there that you

  • wanted to kinda get out, and I thought, yeah, I got a lot in me I need to get out

  • so I went around the back and got naked

  • and decided to do the run completely naked, and then do a somersault at the end.

  • And halfway through the run I'm thinking "what a good idea!"

  • ... "no it's not!"

  • When I got the script I thought this is good, I'm doing Sci-Fi,

  • I'm doing what I want to do, it's great fun. But I thought, oh god, I only get one fight at the end

  • I thought I'm not doing much action, that's cool, never mind

  • Now when I got here I'm running and jumping and fighting and flying and

  • hurling myself off cliffs.

  • God, I've got cuts and bruises everywhere

  • other than that it was really good fun, and you know

  • I'm a young guy, kinda getting to live out great stuff. Do you know what I mean?

  • I was doing all the stuff that I used to play with my friends in the garden when I was

  • like five years old, so it was really really good fun. Really good fun.

Leto is a young man

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James McAvoy Interview from Children of Dune

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