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  • My entire life,

  • I've been practical.

  • I make one romantic decision, and it bit me in the ass.

  • Is this about work or Gabriel?

  • Paris.

  • I just need to know, are you on my team or not?

  • I was beginning to wonder if you were joining us.

  • I'm so in on team

  • whatever this company's called.

  • Do they know that you're pulling double-duty?

  • Oh God, no.

  • Sylvie wants to see you in her office right away.

  • -Is she really mad? -I wish you well.

  • Who can translate this?

  • "Not choosing is still choosing."

  • Even not choosing has consequences, so it's still a choice.

  • How do we know we're making the right one?

  • This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make.

  • So, Cooper,

  • where's your head at?

  • You changed my life.

  • It's not either/or.

  • Are we really here to just love one person?

  • We always talk about work-life balance, right now I'm all about life.

  • Yes!

  • You know, I love when a story starts like that.

  • Don't take this time for granted.

  • See how fast this can go.

  • Do I seem nervous? Because I'm so nervous.

  • Are you all right?

  • Just some existential angst.

  • That is so American.

  • Maybe the pressure's not worth it.

  • It's definitely worth it. It's your dream.

  • Thank you for being a friend.

  • "Travel down the road and back again."

  • Golden Girls.

  • Golden girls?

  • Never mind.

My entire life,

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