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  • we start in Ukraine where there have been electricity blackouts in several parts of the country After Russia fired a new barrage of missiles aimed at disrupting the country's power grid.

  • The worst cuts were in the east and south.

  • The city of Odessa was left without any electricity.

  • Those attacks came hours after explosions at two military airfields in Russian territory, which Moscow has blamed on Kiev.

  • Tom broader has the details.

  • An alleged Ukrainian drone attack deep in Russian territory, unmanned drones were intercepted over to Russian air bases in Saratov and reason hundreds of kilometers from the border Kiev regime in order to disable Russian long range aircraft made attempts to strike with unmanned aerial vehicles at two military airfields.

  • According to Russian officials, three servicemen were killed and four more were injured.

  • Ukraine has not officially commented on the explosions.

  • However, its air force tweeted what happened together with an emoji and images of what looked like a badly damaged aircraft.

  • Satellite images from sunday appeared to show a fleet of Russian bombers at the angles Airbase in Saratov, they're capable of firing cruise missiles.

  • One of the key weapons used against Ukraine.

  • President Putin would like people to believe he is still in the driving seat earlier that day.

  • In a show of supposed strength, he drove across the bridge linking Russia to annex Crimea.

  • Less than two months after it was blown apart.

  • Reports of this latest attack are likely to embarrass the Kremlin and just hours after the news broke, Russia launched a fresh wave of missiles, both of my neighbors died.

  • They were stood by the car while seeing off their son and daughter in law.

  • They went outside to wave them off and were killed.

  • Ukraine claims it shot down the majority of Russian missiles.

  • Moscow meanwhile, claims it struck all of its targets beyond the human casualties.

  • A major victim once again was Ukraine's power grid.

  • Areas in the south were left entirely without electricity, a potentially deadly problem.

  • As winter weather arrives, Russian terror affects Ukraine and neighboring states.

  • There are outages in Moldova and this proves that the Russian strikes are harmful not only to Ukraine but to our entire region.

  • Russia's coordinated assault on Ukraine's power grid began on october the 10th, just days after that bridge attack in Crimea.

  • This latest alleged attack is perhaps another sign that the war isn't going quite as the Kremlin would have hoped tom brady BBC news.

  • Well, let's go live to Kiev now our correspondent Hugo Becerra is there for us, Hugo.

  • The real worry about this isn't it?

  • Is if they keep sustained attacks on the infrastructure for how long can Ukraine keep rebuilding?

  • Yeah, I think that's the main question here.

  • And what the authorities are saying this morning is that several regions could face emergency shutdowns today as a result of the attacks this morning that targeted power stations across the country.

  • I think the most affected area was the region of Odessa in the south of the country where water heating power was cut off.

  • Also the region here near the capital, Kiev Was also affected yesterday.

  • But I think last night, President Zelensky said that most of the 70 Russian missiles that had been fired were intercepted by the country's defense.

  • And he also said that four people were killed in the attacks yesterday.

  • But again, Russia is continuing with this strategy to attack this country's energy infrastructures.

  • The temperatures continue to drop and I can tell you, it's incredibly called this Here in Kiev -7°C. So I think the question is how long the system will be able to cope if these attacks continue.

  • And it's all about morale and the resilience isn't it?

  • There in Ukraine as people cope with power outages, lack of heating, lack of water.

  • It's important, President Zelensky does get the message across that they are succeeding in some areas like intercepting the Russian missiles, for example.

  • Yeah.

  • And for weeks the Ukrainians have been saying that this is how Russia is responding to military setbacks on the battlefield by attacking civilian sites and civilian infrastructure across the country.

  • And they say that this is not only a strategy aimed at destroying this country's energy infrastructure, critical infrastructure, but also it is a strategy aimed at destroying the Ukrainian determination to fight and to continue resisting this aggression.

  • And I've spoken to a number of Ukrainians and they say that this is going to have the opposite result that they will continue to resist and they will continue to support the Ukrainian army in this war against the Russians.

we start in Ukraine where there have been electricity blackouts in several parts of the country After Russia fired a new barrage of missiles aimed at disrupting the country's power grid.

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