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  • creamy, salty, sweet and oaky nuttiness.

  • You detect that oh, I'm detecting nuttiness.

  • Close your eyes when describing food.

  • It's really common that we turn us into adjectives by adding a Y.

  • At the end of the noun.

  • So something with cream is creamy, something with salt is salty.

  • Then to describe these qualities of food as a noun, we add the suffix and E.

  • S.

  • S.

  • To the end of some words.

  • We might say the creaminess and saltiness of cheese when he says oaky nuttiness, he's applying both those modifications to those words.

  • What he means is that the food has a flavor of oak nuts.

  • Acorns.

  • Learning how to modify words like this is really useful if you like cooking or wine.

  • For example, it's a bold flavor, fruity, a little earthy.

  • What do you think?

  • Fruity and delicious?

creamy, salty, sweet and oaky nuttiness.

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