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  • well, let's start with the World Cup then and the most significant day of the tournament yet as to uh come into it at the tournament.

  • Pre favorites a pre tournament favorites in fact crashed out.

  • We'll speak about Belgium laid this out, but we'll start with Germany and this or that, which from this angle looks out was the difference between success and failure.

  • Was it out though?

  • Yes, we're gonna settle it on Sky Sports news for you this morning.

  • That's what we'll do.

  • So the goal of course against Spain, the goal given proved to be a shock winner sent Japan and their opponents spain through the knockout stages.

  • And that meant that Germany were out despite their win over Costa rica.

  • What a night I am not happy at all.

  • I never celebrate defeat.

  • I don't have anything to celebrate.

  • Yes, we are qualified.

  • I would have liked to be on top of the group and of course now brackets change and many things are different now with this position on the group.

  • So as I say, I have nothing to celebrate as Asia as a whole.

  • And for Japan as well, our victory over Spain and Germany two of the top teams in the world is something that gives us great confidence and we are very pleased about.

  • Of course there are many things that we still have to learn but age can win in the world stage.

  • So was the ball still in play?

  • Our crew out in Doha.

  • Actually filmed this to show you the difference that a camera angle can make.

  • So B A.

  • R confirmed the ball was still in play.

  • As you can see from this angle started, it looked as though the ball was out.

  • But when you move over the top of it and from this angle you can see the edge, the curvature is still so that's so simple from the guys in Doha that but it's so, it's brilliant actually.

  • That is so effective in such a simple idea.

  • I know I'm big enough our own stuff, but it just sums it up perfectly.

  • Doesn't your colleagues?

  • I am celeb.

  • The result of course meant that Germany crashed out of the World Cup group stages for the second straight time despite beating Costa rica.

  • Yeah, four time world Champions came from two on down to beat Costa rica four to in the end, however, they finished third in Group E thanks to that Japan controversial winner on goal difference.

  • We have just been eliminated if you know me and if you know my team, I know that we can get up quickly and recover from that.

  • We will see what the future that is very important and very decisive.

  • We will see how we can implement our idea and then in light of the european championship, it is difficult to talk about that right now, right after an elimination.

  • Now we need to assess our work here during the World Cup head into a different direction.

  • This is the next step that we are going to undertake, concentrate.

  • Yeah, she finished Uh, that's the speed reactors.

  • Well, this is how tight the group was.

  • Every team was in the top two at some point during the Games.

  • Japan, though, through as group winners after two incredible victories over Germany and Spain, fair play to them, Spain are through in second place, ahead of Germany.

  • Thanks to their Well, to be fair, it is a vastly superior goal difference, isn't it?

well, let's start with the World Cup then and the most significant day of the tournament yet as to uh come into it at the tournament.

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