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  • Six ways to regulate yourself according to neuropsychology,

  • specifically sourced from Dr. Nicole A. Tetreault.

  • Hopefully I said her name right.

  • Alright, let's do it.

  • So, if you're stressed, use the physiological sigh.

  • Andrew Huberman of the Huberman lab talks about this.

  • It is two inhales quickly, one long exhale.

  • If you're anxious, go for a walk.

  • When you're out for a walk, your eyes naturally look from side to side, which relaxes the body and deactivates our amygdala.

  • If you're sad, acknowledge your feelings, validate yourself, and then move your body to release endorphins.

  • If you're impulsive or angry, look out of the window but don't look at anything, dilate your gaze.

  • This blunts noradrenaline, so you can think clearly.

  • If you have low motivation, focus on one spot on your screen for one minute and ignore everything else.

  • Pupillary convergence increases focus.

  • And if you're feeling insecure, write down your strengths as logical thinking overrides your limbic system.

  • Personally, I find that anytime I need emotional regulation,

  • writing down a list of what I'm grateful for, journaling about my feelings, breathwork, specifically Wim Hof's 10 minute beginner guide,

  • going out in nature, whether it's the park next door, driving down to the beach, or moving my body with dance

  • always helps pull me out of whatever negative emotion I'm feeling overwhelmed by.

  • And learning emotional regulation is one of the most important tools that we can have as adults.

  • And when we really think about it, like, whoever taught us how to self soothe, how to calm yourself down,

  • whoever gave you healthy habits of how to control your thoughts or feelings when life comes at you,

  • like, likely, your parents did not unless you were blessed, in which case, good for you.

  • But this is where we have to, the rest of us, work on reparenting work by allowing ourselves to practice and master regulating our own emotional states.

  • And hopefully, all of these neuropsychology hacks help.

  • I'm Anna Akana.

Six ways to regulate yourself according to neuropsychology,

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