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  • Come on girls.

  • Pay attention.

  • 123.

  • This is our season opener.

  • This is our new journey, our journey to the two Championship.

  • Well, this season, Big shot.

  • The girls are in D.

  • Two.

  • No team the first year has won the Championship coach wants to win the championship.

  • Let's go give this crowd a show.

  • Uh, what we really wanted to focus on this season was the inequality of men's sports versus women.

  • I think we really nailed that, especially bringing the boys and we work just as hard as the boys and yet they get the best hotel, the best food, the best, best everything I know and there's their fancy equipment.

  • The girls are watching all this beautiful shiny new equipment come in, you know, and they have junky old stuff.

  • Girls teams don't get the attention they deserve.

  • And I think this will help.

  • Yeah.

  • Not my first week as a girl are you mansplaining feminism to me now, holly becomes uh you know, my equal and that's another great relationship this season.

  • She kind of grounds marvin because he's all over the place.

  • Hey, I'm talking to you.

  • What exactly are you supposed to be learning from this how to be a bad we brought in a new character ava who was a volleyball player and she kind of shakes up the team in its D.

  • N.

  • A.

  • It's it's girl power.

  • If a guy messes with one of us, he's messing with all of us and he's going down.

  • It's a celebration of women.

  • To me this show is about family, it's about heart.

  • It's about inclusion good contemporary stories that kids are going through right now.

  • I just want people to feel like they've watched a good half hour of television and they're better for it.

Come on girls.

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