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  • Lonely planet presents how to survive being lost in the wild without gps.

  • Let at least one other person know where you plan to explore before setting off.

  • If you do this, then get yourself lost.

  • There's a 90% chance you'll be found in the 1st 24 hours.

  • Backtracking is your first order of business.

  • It's essential to mark your way with heavy footsteps, pieces of torn clothing or rocks.

  • If this doesn't lead you into more familiar territory, stop retrace your steps and return to where you started, embrace age old navigation tools, sun stars and surrounding landscape.

  • It worked for Galileo and it can work for you too.

  • Go with the flow, even the smallest water source usually meets with the river, so follow the H20 downstream.

  • If all else fails, sit tight and wait for others to find you hunker down in the spot with access to water and materials for shelter, bed of twigs and leaves may not be the ritz, but it will keep you safe and warm while you await rescue.

  • To learn to avoid such a predicament yourself as well as how to overcome nuclear explosions, bumping into your ex or you can eat buffets, a zombie attack, getting kidnapped, a job, you hate hangovers, a failed parachute writer's block and more.

  • Get your own copy of Lonely planet's, how to survive anything.

Lonely planet presents how to survive being lost in the wild without gps.

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