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  • No - 139,788

  • The announcement of the Fife result made it a mathematical certainty.

  • The nay sayers had won the day. Scotland voted against independence by a small majority.

  • Amid relief and happiness for 'No' voters, those in charge of the 'Yes' campaign were

  • forced to accept defeat.

  • Scotland has by majority decided not, at this stage, to become an independent country.

  • I accept that verdict of the people, and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit.

  • It was a win for Alistair Darling's Better Together Campaign.

  • We have chosen unity over division, and positive change rather than needless separation.

  • But also a win for democracy. Turn out was high - very high - across the board.

  • The turnout is 87.9 percent.

  • Prime Minister David Cameron campaigned heavily to keep the United Kingdom together, but he

  • was pragmatic once the results were in. While delighted that Scotland voted no, he also

  • promised new powers for Scotland.

  • To all of those who did vote for independence, we hear you. We now have a chance, a great

  • opportunity, to change the way the British people are governed and change it for the better.

  • Alex Salmond's Scottish Nationalist Party has been promised a seat at the negotiation

  • table, as plans for more powers for Scotland are drawn up. That's the discussion now. As

  • David Cameron claimed, the Scottish independence debate has been "settled for a generation".

No - 139,788

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