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  • Hey Psych2Goers, we're going to talk about empathy and empaths.

  • Did you know there's a dark side to empathy?

  • A dark empath is someone who uses their understanding of others emotions and thoughts to manipulate and deceive them.

  • So how do you know if someone is a dark empath?

  • Here are eight signs you're dealing with one.

  • Number one, all three signs of the dark triad are present in their personality.

  • We're going psychology 101 on you today.

  • The three traits in the dark triad are narcissism, which is the need for praise, attention and feeling more important than others,

  • along with psychopathy, which is not caring about what happens to others, using manipulation and having no remorseful feelings.

  • And finally, machiavellianism, which is being cynical, abusive or vindictive.

  • When all three of these personality traits are present, you got a dark empath.

  • Number two, they have a malicious personality.

  • When you hang out with friends, it's fun to make jokes and laugh, but is one of your friends always making you the punchline of the joke?

  • If you have a friend who constantly puts you an embarrassing or compromising positions or reveals embarrassing information about you to others,

  • please do not continue to allow this person around you, this is not healthy behavior nor healthy to be around.

  • Number three, they're like Prince charming until...

  • When you're dealing with a dark empath, you may notice a disconnect.

  • Dark empaths are witty, charming, funny, affectionate and so on until you're alone or don't give them what they want to.

  • Think about your current or past relationship.

  • Does your significant other act attentive, sweet and happy when you're around others, but then cold, distant and condescending when you're alone?

  • If you told your family about how your significant other treats you behind closed doors, would they say, "What? But they're so sweet, They would never do that."

  • This is a sign of dark empathy.

  • They have created a persona that they use around mutual family and friends. That way they can manipulate you or guilt you.

  • Number four, they get upset when others are experiencing something positive.

  • When a loved one of mine has good news, I want to celebrate with them and cheer for them.

  • Dark empath would not agree with me, unless it's their achievement we're celebrating.

  • Dark empath have a sense of narcissism to them, which makes them feel more important than anyone else.

  • Therefore, if they're not having fun or receiving an award, no one should.

  • A dark empath may show their feelings by making fun of the person of honor, downplaying their achievement, displaying inappropriate emotions or removing themselves from the situation altogether.

  • And number five, they love to gossip.

  • Gossip is a tricky thing.

  • Whether you like to gossip or not, a lot of us are guilty of listening to or spreading it.

  • When it comes to gossip, ark empath are social butterflies.

  • They know who's who, what's what and they have all the drama to go with it.

  • And they're not just an archive of stories.

  • They tell everyone and anyone who will listen because gossip is something that a majority of people will listen to for a sense of inclusion.

  • A dark empath has an unlimited audience who will hang on to their every word.

  • So do any of these signs remind you of someone? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Thanks for watching. As always, keep your eye on site for more Psych2Go content.

Hey Psych2Goers, we're going to talk about empathy and empaths.

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