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  • If you've been watching TV in America this year, you won't have been able to escape things like this.

  • You just might need that semi-automatic.

  • Dahle wants to roll back abortion rights.

  • Republican ads featuring guns.

  • Maybe A Little Smith and Wesson 38.

  • Explosions and more guns.

  • And from Democrats, you'll have seen a lot of this.

  • The Supreme Court has taken away a woman's most fundamental freedom control over her own body.

  • Same election cycle, very different focus.

  • [Campain ads decoded]

  • Republicans believe that putting guns in ads shows they support the Second Amendment.

  • But more than that, it proves their conservative values.

  • My father taught me how to handle my first gun, I taught my son Oliver how to do the same.

  • I've been shooting and hunting my whole life.

  • And look at how this candidate ties gun ownership to individual freedom.

  • And I approve this message because without gun rights, before long, you have no rights.

  • While there's no real chance of Americans losing their gun rights anytime soon, suggesting they might can motivate Republicans to go to the polls.

  • And when it comes to Democrats trying to motivate Democrats.

  • From this day forward, August 25, women all across Texas are no longer free to make decisions about our own body.

  • The number one focus of democratic ads has been abortion, specifically highlighting the idea that more elected Republicans means less abortion access.

  • We should be putting pregnant women at ease, now putting their lives at risk.

  • So Republicans play on the fear of losing gun rights and the freedoms that come with those rights; Democrats hone in on a different fear and the loss of another right.

  • I have a warrant for your arrest.

  • Arrest for what?

  • Penal code 243 violation, unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

  • Ads also reflect the news, so with inflation rising, Republicans have targeted the economy and immigration.

  • 'Cause he cut taxes and built Trump's wall. Now Ted Budd is fighting to finish securing our border. In the Senate, Budd will tackle out of control inflation, unleashing our economy

  • With this gem thrown in for good measure.

  • Did we mention he owns a gun range?

  • Between them, the parties have spent more than $6 billion.

  • Yes, billion dollars on TV ads.

  • That's a ton of money given how few voters are actually open to persuasion.

  • Was it worth it?

  • We'll find out in November.

  • I'm Katty Kay and I approve this message.

If you've been watching TV in America this year, you won't have been able to escape things like this.

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