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  • we have all seen the stereotypical scenario, a beautiful younger woman with an older resourced man.

  • And though we all have preconceived notions about a couple like this, What does the science say about age gap or may december relationships.

  • My own parents have an 11 year age gap.

  • I have personally dated men younger than me the same age as me and up to 15 years older.

  • Most of the women I've dated, however, have been roughly around the same age, but I can definitely feel how the age of my partner affects many aspects of our role relationship.

  • Cultural references, mindset level of maturity.

  • So age gap relationships generally refer to a 10 year or more difference in age and they very often involve an older man partnered with a younger woman.

  • Only 1% of age gap couples involve an older woman partnered with a younger man and all cultures demonstrate the age gap couple phenomenon.

  • Some african countries have a larger average about 30 Percent, whereas across Western countries, only about 8% of all married heterosexual couples are classified as large age gap.

  • There's very limited research or evidence on same sex age gap couples.

  • But what we do have suggest that the rates are actually much higher.

  • 25% of male male unions and 15% of female female unions demonstrate the large age gap.

  • Now for the purposes of this video, I'm only going to refer to the studies found between adults.

  • So not young adults in age gap relationships or marriages and young adults would be like 25 or younger because for the most part, those studies show really negative results with a high rate of exploitation.

  • Now obviously there's some inherent issues that could happen in an age gap relationship where the male is older, depending on the socioeconomic status of both partners, they're just more likely to be power dynamics at play in favor of the man, which is probably where the stigma of adult age gap couples comes from.

  • And that stereotype assumes that these relationships don't have great outcomes, that they're exploitative, that they won't inherently work due to genera operational differences or just plain old power and balance on the negative side.

  • Some studies show that age gap relationships can come with more depression, symptoms, higher mortality rates for the younger partner, higher mortality rates for the woman regardless of who is the younger counterpart in the couple and a higher rate of intimate partner violence.

  • Though it's very important to note that that study was done in Nigeria, so I'm not sure how that tracks globally, but I was really surprised to find some studies such as this one have found that the relationship satisfaction reported by age gap couples is actually the highest reporting greater trust commitment and less jealousy than similar age couples.

  • So over three quarters of these couples report satisfying romantic partnerships and studies have also disproved the Aceh that younger women in these relationships have daddy issues or attachment issues and it's interesting a factor that actually negatively impacts age gap couples, is their perception of social disapproval.

  • So if one or both of the partners feels like particularly subjected to community disapproval or they think like their friends or their family don't like their relationship.

  • The risk of breaking up increases and this pressure and judgment from the outside world affects both heterosexual and same sex couples equally.

  • But if a couple is not susceptible to social disapproval, this rejection actually strengthens their commitment.

  • It's sort of like the Romeo Juliet effect.

  • You want to stick it to the montagues and the capulets of the world and show them that they're wrong and look obviously studies on this coupledom are limited and nothing can predict how to unique people will operate in an independent relationship and a lot of the psychological studies done about age gap marriages and relationships aren't taking into consideration the motivations of each partner, the intent of Entering into the relationship or even separating how big of an age gap are these two people displaying.

  • Plus there's something to be said about just like falling in love with a person regardless of gender race.

  • Age as long as over 25 though, because consent is imperative.

  • You guys, I'm an icon in thank you.

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we have all seen the stereotypical scenario, a beautiful younger woman with an older resourced man.

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