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  • How many hours did you get?

  • Three... altogether.

  • Christ. It’s like youre in Guantanamo. Youve got... is that sick in your hair?

  • Probably.... Where?

  • Well, I'll take the lead on this, shall I?

  • Lucy Phelps, 38 years old, reporting a missing husband.

  • She's a lawyer and time waster, but she's a pal of the chief superintendent so... Ready?

  • It's still there by the way.

  • Look, I know how this works. It's too soon.

  • He's probably gone off somewhere and forgotten to tell me... Come back tomorrw, blah, blah, blah.

  • Jamie... Something's happened. He never behaves like this.

  • He's obsessed with his phone. He always has it charged, he never turns it off.

  • And his businesses. He simply wouldn't just...

  • Mrs. Phelps...

  • Ms, it's Ms. Phelps.

  • Ms. Phelps, I appreciate you're very worried. I'm sure you...

  • I'm afraid you're not....

  • It's simply not the way we work. If we spent all our time looking for wayward husbands...

  • He's not wayward. You're not listening.

  • The vast majority of cases like this end in...

  • Nothing. I know. This is not one of those cases.

  • Why don't you tell us what's happened?

  • Thank you. Jamie left work this morning at eight o'clock, as usual.

  • He took our son Pip to nursery, as usual, and went to work.

  • He has an office down on the seafront, he's an accountant. He set it up two years ago.

  • According to his PA he ran in at quarter to nine, took something from his office and then left again.

  • I've tried calling. His phone goes straight to voicemail.

  • He had three meetings this morning with important clients and he's blown them off.

  • He's not at home, he's not at work, his friends haven't seen him.

  • I've tried calling hospitals.

  • I know what you think and I'm trying not to panic, but I am concerned.

  • How old's your son, Ms. Phelps?

  • He's four. He goes to Saint Saviour's on Bridge Street.

  • And how are things at home between the two of you?

  • Fine. Good.

  • I'm trying to think if there's anything last night.

  • Pip was just... we had fish pie, put Pip to bed, watched an episode of The Crown, and then fell asleep in front of Question Time.

  • Jamie had a bit of work, sent a couple of emails, but that's normal.

  • He made us all porridge in the morning.

  • Can you remember the last thing he said to you this morning?

  • "What shall we have for tea?" I think.

  • Four's a fun age. Is Pip your only child?

  • Yes, we planned on having more, but, look, I've written down all of Jamie's movements that I know about.

  • Here's his car registration and the name and the contact details of Juliet, his PA.

  • Any money troubles we should know about? Starting your own business is quite an undertaking.

  • No, genuinely nothing. Everything's been going amazingly.

  • He's found this new niche being an accountant for people in the media - comedians, news anchors, celebrity chefs, that kind of thing.

  • He's discreet. People like him, recommend him to each other.

  • Here he is. "Specialist accountant to the media industry." He's hot, probably having an affair.

  • Why d'you think she's wearing gym gear? Is she not supposed to be at work?

  • She's posh, isn't she?

  • Ms. Phelps!

  • Pip's gone. I just called the nursery to check. Jamie never dropped him off.

How many hours did you get?

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Father and Son - Crime Drama - Episode 1

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