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  • Whoa! What kind of airship is that?

  • I've never seen anything like it!

  • Baby Clade!

  • What is the president doing in our front yard?

  • Our entire world is in grave danger.

  • I want you to come with me on an expedition.

  • I'm not my father.

  • He was the explorer.

  • I know you were just a kid when he went missing, but now... you're all we got.

  • - Mr. Clade, I'm a huge fan... - Oh, thank you.

  • ... of your dad.

  • - Do you think you could forge his autograph? - What?

  • Where in the world are we?

  • Ethan, you brought the dog?

  • Sorry!

  • We are clearly in uncharted territory.

  • Hello.

  • You probably don't understand a word I'm saying.

  • Of course I understand you.

  • Huh?

  • Dad?

  • Dad?

  • Grandpa?

  • I'm a grandpa?

  • What is this place?

  • The cliffs are alive.

  • And the waters dissolve the flesh off your bones.

  • Everything down here is trying to kill us!

  • Do you mind if I call you Splat?

  • You just kind of give me Splat vibes.

  • Ow! I guess I deserve that.

  • Grandpa's awesome!

  • He is not awesome!

  • You gave me a machete for my birthday.

  • Classic Jaeger Clade.

  • I was 2.

  • I'm loving this family reunion, but come on, we got a world to save!

  • We need you to figure this out, otherwise we're doomed; we are doomed!

  • Wait, seriously?

  • No, I'm just messing with you.

  • Didn't see that coming.

Whoa! What kind of airship is that?

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