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  • There's a lot more science behind it meets the eye.

  • So what you would need is the anatomical sort of understanding of the horse's foot.

  • Also, we need to have some black smoke or skills or just construct the shoe, anything that needs to be done to help maintain the horse's lifespan.

  • Really, there is actually no nerve endings on the bits that I touch the horse, feels the sensation, and so imagine having a shoe on and somebody taps the bottom of your shoe, you would feel the sensation of it, but it doesn't actually hurt you.

  • It's pretty much exactly the same in the wild horses are actually meant to live as long as we allow them to live, they would slow down and the predators will get them.

  • So we have them in such good pasture and maintain them so well.

  • They live actually a lot longer.

There's a lot more science behind it meets the eye.

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How Horse Hooves Are Deep Cleaned #horseshoes #horsehooves #deepcleaned #scienceinsider #shorts

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