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  • so we're right now in front of Juliet's house from Romeo and Juliet, that's the balcony and all.

  • And the reason why there's such a big queue here is because there's a statue that people touch for good luck.

  • Okay guys, we're gonna take, we're gonna touch Juliet's boobs squeeze it.

  • Guys are mean, you tell your subscribers where are we Right now we're in, you know the name of this town?

  • Can you take like a aesthetic video of me just walking.

  • I'm currently at Lago di Garda, which is like a huge lake in the middle of the area where we're staying here in Italy and I'm just going to enjoy it.

  • Okay, is it okay with you guys?

  • I'm just gonna enjoy it.

  • Here's a time lapse or whatever.

  • It's too hot.

  • What does the queen Lorenzo?

  • Uh, amico Italiano.

  • Okay, that was really nice actually.

  • There you go, Jacob a couple of days here and I already speak better than you and you've been with this guy for like a year.

  • Okay, so we just got our food.

  • Lorenzo got, you know, pizza just pizza and I can't, I can't this which is called a pizza free to and it's like done pizza folded and deep fried.

  • My first bite of pizza free to, I mean it's good, I can feel the cheese only the cheese actually and after that experience it was time for the high point, which was of course venice.

  • Honestly guys, the weird thing is that whenever I'm somewhere like this beautiful.

  • It's really hard for me to vlog because I have nothing funny to say.

  • So it's like, wow, look at this, look at this.

  • Damn, that's kind of crazy.

  • Right?

  • That's kind of crazy.

  • Pretty.

  • But like I have nothing else to say.

  • Mom and sister taking that instagram pictures making them.

  • I gotta say these narrow streets are something that really gives a lot to the character of the city.

  • I really like, I really like narrow spaces.

  • So as you guys can see even here in venice, I found a pretty cool shop with all sorts of anime and manga merchandise.

  • I will leave the location of the shop in the description if you ever come to, you can go check it out and visit this shop.

  • There's a lot of books and you know, just really, really all sorts of merchandise.

  • They even have heart stuff, which is my sister's favorite series.

  • They even have a cute dog, oh my God, they have so much, there's so much interesting stuff, I could actually spend hours looking at all what they have here.

  • But anyways, the goal for me here is that I want to buy at least one manga in italian so I can practice my italian with, with reading something that I like and now I'm inclining towards the chainsaw man manga, but I don't want the whole package, I just want to find one.

  • So alas, I did decided to go with the following, one of the stars in italian since I think that the language and be stars is not gonna be that difficult to read.

  • So lego see when are you gonna lose your virginity?

  • I could smell that virgin stench on you from miles away.

  • These guys with the roses are the funniest because they'd be like, hey do you want to do in a rose?

  • It's for free.

  • It's only €5.

  • Is it for free?

  • Or is it €5 euros making dough in the pizzeria?

  • The only video from china where you are the chinese school, which is actually like my most viewed video.

  • The only video, the only time I publicly 57 high school and the video has like three million views.

  • So everybody knows you and three million people will never be, oh got dirt.

so we're right now in front of Juliet's house from Romeo and Juliet, that's the balcony and all.

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