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  • as tensions continue to simmer in the Taiwan strait, a video that's been released by the Taiwanese president Sawing Gwen shows just how close the chinese military ships after the island.

  • The audio screens is the video that's been released by Taiwan you can see is to have closed the vessels of Taiwan and the P.

  • L.

  • A.

  • Were as Beijing was conducting the military drills this week.

  • The footage from the video has reportedly taken sometime between the 13th till 15 August.

  • Meanwhile, a total of 51 warplanes and six warships belonging to china was spotted in areas around Taiwan as of five p.m. On thursday and out of 51 warplanes at least about 25 of them set to have crossed the median line of the Taiwan strait or entered into the southwestern part of Taiwan's Air defense identification zone.

  • The median line has been previously treated as an unofficial border on both sides of the Taiwan strait for many years.

  • However, Chinese planes have crossed it multiple times since three August.

  • When Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan against Beijing's wishes.

  • The latest military maneuvers come after the United States and Taiwan announced plans to start trade talks in autumn But the 11 trade areas to be discussed between Washington and include trade facilitation, digital trade, nonmarket policies and also practices amongst other things.

  • The chinese foreign ministry has reacted to the upcoming trade talks urging the United States to adhere to the one china principle and to stop all official interactions with Taliban.

  • The Beijing has also warned that it will take resolute measures to uphold its sovereignty and territorial integrity and for more on this sin sing lu is in fact reporting for bone from Taipei listening.

  • It's been more than two weeks since U.

  • S.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and I would say that the military tension coming from the People's Liberation Army has increased day by day.

  • The president of Taiwan, president Taiwan has released the latest footage on thursday and in there was actually a never before seen footage of how a Taiwanese navy figures have stepped closely and basically intercept a pl a Navy type 0 50 for a class regards.

  • And from my sources, they actually confirmed to me that this video was taken in between the 13th to 15th, august locations unknown.

  • But you need to know that the time period was actually after the P.

  • L.

  • A.

  • Has announced that they have completed military drills around Taiwan on the 10th of august.

  • And they are actually true Changing to conduct regular combat ready patrols.

  • But you see combat ready patrols.

  • You know, this is actually nobody what nobody really know what the Chinese is trying to save through that, you know.

  • But from the footage released by the Defense Ministry, no doubt this retention in the sky or in the waters are still very high.

  • Just to give you some numbers on 18 August total of 51 P.

  • O.

  • A aircraft and six P.

  • O.

  • A.

  • Navy vessels have actually conducted military exercises around Taiwan and of which 25 actually crossed the median line in the Taiwan strait.

  • The chinese have claimed that the Taiwan straits medium line is non existent and illegitimate, but you need to understand that the medium line is actually existent for many decades trying to keep the status quo and peace in this region, but no doubt in the near future.

  • And probably for the next few months we are going to see increasing military pressure coming from china towards Taiwan.

  • This is sinking deal from Taipei Taiwan beyond is now available in your country, download the app now and get all the news on the move.

as tensions continue to simmer in the Taiwan strait, a video that's been released by the Taiwanese president Sawing Gwen shows just how close the chinese military ships after the island.

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