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  • "Hyperbole". What is a "hyperbole"? Wow, it's hot in there. My name's Ronnie. And

  • this is a funny storyas they all areis when I first started doing things,

  • I saw this word as a "hyperbole". And I thought: "Wow, 'hyperbole' — that's a

  • weird word." But it's actually "hyperbole". Huh? And it's the first

  • time ever that I've looked at this English word and gone: "Wow, we've

  • actually pronounced the... the 'l' and the 'e' together." So, this is a

  • "hyperbole". It's not. This is a "hyperbole". What is a "hyperbole"? A

  • "hyperbole" is basically acting like a drama queen, as I was doing in the

  • video. If you want to exaggerate something; exaggerated statements

  • these are not literal statements; they're exaggerating. They're for all

  • the drama queens out there. If you want to improve your vocabularymm-hmm

  • then hyperboles are a great way to do this. And the only problem is they're

  • not formal language; it's very slang, very street, very today. So, you have to

  • understand that it's not literal. So, I wouldn't write these in scientific

  • essays, or experiments, or PhD dissertations. So, let's go.

  • They can be describing many things. For example, time. "Oh, man, this is taking

  • forever!" But it's not, though; because "forever" is just like eternity. So,

  • it's... if you want to say something's taking me a long time, we exaggerate it.

  • We say: "This is taking forever". Oh, god. "Ages": "It's taking ages for me to

  • get the document from the government." You're just saying: "It's taking me a

  • long time." And, like most things, if it's important, it can take a

  • "lifetime". Again, not literal. A "lifetime" means a long time. Quality.

  • This one's not really slang, but we use it a lot, like: "Oh my god, my mom is

  • the best mom ever." And we use words, like: "the best" or "the worst". And to

  • make them even stronger, we say: "ever". "This is the worst food ever. I'm never

  • eating again." But you are going to, cause if you didn't eat again, you would

  • die. So, be careful. "Massive". Size. We talk about the size of things. Classic,

  • classic. People go fishing and they catch a fish this big, but that's kind

  • of boring. So, you might hear some people talk about how things that they

  • have are "massive". People might say: "I have a massive snake. Would you like to

  • see it?" Or things can be "huge"; "huge" and "massive" are the samethey mean

  • very big. The opposite of this is "tiny". Somebody might say: "Oh, I have

  • a massive snake!" And then when you look at the snake, it's actually tiny. And

  • you say: "Yeah, yeah, your snake is super tiny there, buddy". Tiny snake.

  • My Mom always said this: -"Ronnie, I told you 100 times: Don't pick your

  • nose." -"I counted. It was 42. And that was 43, Mom, so you're still not at

  • 100." So, we use this to exaggerate how many times we tell someone. We nag at

  • them: "I told you 100 times not to do that!" No, that was seven now. This is a

  • classic. Classic. So, you go out drinking, and you wake up the next day

  • with a terrible hangover. And a "hangover" is something that you get the

  • next day after drinking too much; you're dehydrated. And you promise, you say:

  • "I'm never going to drink again." Or: "I'm never gonna drink again." Hey,

  • guess what? That's a "hyperbole". Of course you're going to drink again;

  • you're going to have water. I know in like next weekend, you're still going to

  • have a beer or a delicious glass of wine. So, you're lying. You're just

  • lying. "My leg is killing me." Did you know that my leg was a killer? My leg

  • can come off and actually go: "Ah!" and kill me. But it can't. We just say: "Oh,

  • you know, my leg's killing me." Or: "Oh, my head's... I have a headache. It's

  • killing me." Just feeling a lot of pain, aren't you? It' not actually dying from

  • it. And this is kind of creepy, too, this last one. "My arm hurts so much" —

  • okay? This... this arm hurt — "so I just want to cut it off". Well, do you know

  • what? I don't think that's a good solution because if you actually

  • "amputate" — which means cut off your armyou're not gonna have an arm. And

  • I think that actually cutting your arm off, would have more pain than whatever

  • your ailment is now. So, for all you drama queens out there, this lesson's

  • for you. Improve your vocabulary with hyperboles or hyperboles, if you'd like.

  • I'm out of here for now. Gonna go chop off my own tongue.

"Hyperbole". What is a "hyperbole"? Wow, it's hot in there. My name's Ronnie. And

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