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Mom! Do you really have to go away? Mom…
Yes dear, but don’t cry, I will be back soon.
Once upon a time, a boy named Marco lived in a little port city in Italy.
His father was ill, and his mother had to work very hard to pay his medical bills and support the family.
They were still very poor and in a lot of debt.
Now, Marco’s mother had to go to Argentina to look for work there.
Don’t worry about me. I will bring back money to pay our debts. Take care of your father.
Look Dad! It’s a letter from Mom!
Oh, let’s see!
Here it is.
Marco, I am doing well.
I was able to find a good job through my cousin…
…I am working for a rich family.
Marco, my baby, I think of you and miss you everyday…
Everyday, Marco waited impatiently for a new letter.
But the letters stopped coming,
and Marco hadn’t heard from his mother in months.
Marco and his father were worried, so they went to talk to the people at the consulate.
They couldn’t find her anywhere. She had gone missing.
Dad, I have to go look for her.
You are too young, Marco, and Argentina is very far away.
Well you are ill, and Brother has to stay because of work.
It isn’t safe…
Please let me go. I know I am the only one who can find her.
I know it! Please...
Marco managed to gain passage on a ship heading for Argentina
through the help of his father’s friend, a captain.
Bye Dad, bye Brother! I will come home soon with Mom!
OK. Take care, Marco.
The journey lasted for a month.
Marco had nothing to look at on the ship except the endless expanse of the ocean,
and the dolphins that leapt beside the ship from time to time.
One night…
You are wasting your time Marco! Your mother is dead!! Ha ha ha!
No!!! That’s not true! She isn’t dead!
I will find her…
oh…it was only a nightmare…
Every night, when everyone went to bed, Marco was tormented by frightening dreams.
He refused to believe in them and swore that he would find his mother, no matter what.
Mom... I miss you.
Land!! It’s Argentina!!
Finally, Marco was in Argentina. Soon, he would see his Mother.
Everything seemed strange and new,
but Marco was not afraid, because he knew his mother was here somewhere.
Wait! Stop! That’s my money! Please! I need that money to find my mom!
Now Marco was alone in an unfamiliar country with no money and no friends,
but he refused to give up.
He was on a mission.
Maybe I should ask for directions…
Finally, just before sunset, Marco reached the house of his mom’s employer.
He had nothing to eat all day since he had lost his money, but that didn’t matter now.
All he wanted was to see his mother.
Is anybody in? Mother, it’s me, Marco!
Who are you?
I’m Marco. I have come to find my mother.
I am sorry, but we only moved in a few months ago.
Your mother must have left with the previous owners.
Then…then…she isn’t here?
I’m afraid not….Well…maybe I can write a letter for you.
Someone there might know where she is now.
The gentleman gave him a letter and a loaf of bread for the journey, and Marco continued his search.
He walked for miles. The sun was scorching hot and his feet hurt but he couldn’t stop.
There was nothing he wanted more than to see his mother again.
He arrived at the address written on the letter, and a butler opened the door.
Your mother’s employers have gone very far from here.
You will need to take a train for three days and then walk for 10.
Of course it will be less if you take a coach, two days maybe…
Now off with you!
Marco understood that he wouldn’t find his mom there either.
Disappointed and alone again, Marco stopped in the square to cry.
Oh…what do I do now…
I have no money for the train, or to get something to eat…
Suddenly, a nice gentleman Marco had gotten to know on the ship, saw him sitting there.
Oh…Marco! Marco, is that you?
Huh? Yes, it is.
But haven’t you found your mother yet?
The old gentleman’s generosity meant Marco could take the train now.
Thank you so much!
As the train sped on, Marco watched the scenery rushing past,
and imagined his long-awaited meeting with his mother.
After leaving the train, Marco got lost on his way to the village.
Night fell, and he had to sleep in the forest surrounded by the howls of hungry wolves.
Marco’s shoes were worn out from walking, there were blisters on his feet,
and legs were as heavy as lead, but he pushed on.
He couldn’t stop until he had found his mother.
He was very tired and his steps grew slower.
..until he collapsed on the road.
A passing peasant chanced to see him there.
He felt sorry for Marco and gave him a drink of water.
Poor child…
Marco told him where he was going, and the man promised to take him there in his wagon.
One more day…and we will be together at last!
Marco couldn’t sleep that night.
He gazed at the pale full moon and thought of his mother.
Mom... Please be alive. You have to be alive...
Meanwhile, Marco’s mother had fallen very ill, and couldn’t get out of bed.
She is fading, I’m afraid.
What can we do?
She has been away from her family for too long. She is homesick.
Will I get better, Doctor? Please tell me.
Listen Josephine, you must be strong! Keep fighting! Don't give up.
I just wish…I could see my little Marco one last time…
Don’t say that, Josephine! Don’t give up…you’ll be alright!
Exhausted and worn out by his long journey,
Marco still ran though the forest, knowing his mother was near.
As he left the forest, a large mansion appeared before him.
That’s where my mom is...That's where she is...
Please, please, let my Mom be there! Let her be okay!
Marco prayed and hoped with all his heart. Then the door opened…
When Marco followed her in and saw his mother lying in bed, he burst into tears.
Mom!!!! Mom!!!
Marco! I can't believe is you.
But how on earth did you get here? Are you here all by yourself!?
I did…I missed you so much! Mom!
My darling...
...your face!
I’m okay…everything is okay now!
Please don’t ever leave me again… Let’s stay together, always! Mom.....
I promise, Marco.
Strengthened by the love of her son, Marco’s mother recovered quickly.
They returned home together, and lived happily ever after.
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3000 Leagues in Search of Mother - Bedtime Story Animation | Best Children Classics HD

7678 Folder Collection
Sunny Hsu published on September 12, 2014    CUChou translated    王妍心 reviewed
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