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  • Hi it's Jennifer from Tarle Speech  with your question of the week.

  • We have two words today

  • nature which is basic inherent  features or characteristics and

  • nurture which is the care and  encouragement of development

  • These words look very confusing because the  spellings are almost the same. But this is  

  • a fairly easy lesson. Both of these words end  with cher. So let's get that out of the way.  

  • To say the ch sound you're going to start with  the t sound ttt and then you're going to pull  

  • your tongue back. And as you pull your tongue  back, it's going to end in that sh sound sh sh sh

  • Here's the trick! You have to do that very  quickly and make it a new sound. For some  

  • of you who are new to my channel ch is two  letters representing one sound. There's no  

  • h in this sound. So let's try this ch. Touch the  teeth and then pull the tongue back. Ch ch ch

  • You can see my lips are kind of rounded a little  bit. They're in a little bit of that square  

  • tense lip shape. And the reason they're there  is I'm getting ready for that er and for that  

  • er sound the tip of your tongue is either pointed  down to the bottom of the mouth or flipped back.  

  • Back of the tongue is pulled way high up and is  really tense and strong. And the key is, is that  

  • you do not want to move the tip of your tongue  to trill that r or to tap that r. So keep it  

  • nice and stable and try to make that  er at the end longer and stronger.

  • Okay let's put this all together cher cher cher

  • OK! We're halfway there.

  • Now for nay what you're going to do is you're  going to start with that n: nnn. Air moves out  

  • of your nose and your tongue is touching the back  of your top front teeth or to be super specific  

  • the little spot where your teeth meet the skin on  the roof of your mouth. Then you're going to move  

  • to that long a sound. And to do that, open widetongue will be low, and then move to a smile and  

  • your tongue will be nice and high and flat a a a. nay 

  • And then for the ner in nurture, again, start  with that n. Air moves out of your nose and then  

  • you're going to add that er. Again to review  tip of the tongue is down or flipped back.  

  • Back of the tongue is way high up and tenseer Nice square lips, square and tense, ner.

  • Now let's put those all together:

  • na-cher nature nature nature 

  • nur-cher nurture nurture nurture 

  • nature nurture nature nurture

  • And now for a sentence

  • What is more important toperson's success: nature or nurture?

  • Let me know what you think in the comments section  

  • below and give it a try people are  going to notice the difference!

  • If you found this helpful please keep sharing  us with your friends and give us a like. If you  

  • have time and if you need more help, you can check  out our products and our classes at Tarle speech.

  • Thank you all have an amazing weekend!

Hi it's Jennifer from Tarle Speech  with your question of the week.

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