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.....I got a ticket for the policeman's ball,
but it turned out it wasn't a party, it was a raffle.
Hi, I am Hugh Jass, and I'm joined by award-winning feminist author,
Mary Hinge.
Hello, Mary, and welcome.
Hello, Hugh,
and thank you.
You want to talk about British Airways, and why both men and women shouldn't use their
First you have a book you wish to plug,
let's hear it.
Yes, Hugh,
my new book is called, "The New Black".
Is it about fashion?
Oh God, it's not racist, is it?
it's about the new trend for women that is taking the western world by storm, so much so,
thousands of them are doing it.
What trend is that?
The trend of falsely accusing a man of rape, it is now so common, it has become the
new black.
Why is it such a popular trend?
Because women get victim status, attention, and the chance to ruin a man's life, with the
use of just words.
Sounds interesting,
maybe we should talk about it in detail
at a later date.
Okay, let's move on with today's topic,
tell us what it's about.
It is about British Airways, and the way they are guilty of gender discrimination, against
both genders.
How so?
Let us focus on the grotesque discrimination against men first, as it is far more horrendous
than what women face.
Men first, that's the way it should be.
Carry on.
British Airways has a rule that states a man can not be seated next to an unaccompanied child
on a plane, to ensure the child does not get abused,
but this rule does not apply to women.
So a woman can sit next to a child who is flying alone, but a man can't?
This is why I say
British Airways have their head stuck firmly up their stupid, fat, feminist ass.
You see, women are the number one abusers, neglectors, and murderers of children, not men, so
to have a rule like this not only shows that British Airways have a feminist agenda, but
shows they are completely ignorant, and have a serious brain deficiency in their
safety department.
Utterly monstrous.
What kind of message does this send out?
That all men, including the head of British Airways, most of their engineers, mechanics,
pilots, office staff,
a lot of their cabin crew, and most of their customers, would abuse a child if given
the opportunity.
You don't think that, do you?
No I don't,
nor does the maker of this video, but British Airways clearly think that.
Not only that, they blindly put faith in the very people who are the most guilty of abusing,
neglecting, and murdering children, those people being women.
Will this disgusting policy ever change?
Probably now that they have lost in court.
They were successfully sued by a man recently,
for mistreating him due to their sexist, man hating policy,
they lost and then said the policy will be under review.
So they are so devoid of intelligence, it took a court to make them understand
that they are wrong?
They said it was not meant to cause offence to men, which is just pathetic beyond belief,
it's like shooting someone with fifty bullets, and then saying you didn't mean to cause them
injury or death.
Just utterly ridiculous.
It gets better,
remember I said they discriminate against women as well?
They have shot themselves in the foot,
good and proper.
They obviously had some explaining to do after the court case, and in the most pathetic,
condescending, patronising manner possible, they actually tried to convince men that
this policy was beneficial for them, because it meant they would be protected from false
allegations of child abuse.
How is that shooting themselves in the foot?
Because they've now given the green light for more lawsuits,
this time from women.
How so?
Because they have clearly stated that they protect men from false allegations of child
abuse, and yet women, who are the number one abusers, neglectors, and murderers of children,
are not given the same protection from false allegations.
This is clearly preferential treatment based on gender.
So they horribly discriminate against men,
based on ignorance,
hate, and low intelligence, and when they try to weasel out of it, they stupidly admit to
discriminating against women
by not providing them with the same protection they give to men?
If they want to protect men from false allegations of abuse, then they should also seat them away
from women, as it's become a common practice for women to falsely accuse men of rape,
far more popular than children falsely accusing them of child abuse.
Just how common is child abuse on planes?
There has not been one recorded case of an unaccompanied child being abused on a passenger
throughout the entire history of flying.
So they are trying to prevent something
that is not likely to happen in the first place?
They should maybe have a policy to seat all Muslims at the back of the plane
since, technically,
there has been more cases of Islamic terrorists entering the cockpit and flying the plane
into a building, than there has been of child abuse aboard a plane.
I don't mean to offend Muslims,
I'm just making a point, they would be more justified with that rule, than they are with
moving men away from children to prevent abuse.
I understand what you are trying to say.
What do you think
will be British Airways' next move?
They'll change the policy so that it is worded in such a way, that they can still
treat men like shit, without breaking any rules.
That would require intelligence though, and as we have clearly demonstrated,
British Airways have great difficulty in grasping the understanding of intelligence.
I can't wait to hear their pathetic attempts to cover their disgusting,
clearly discriminatory policies.
No doubt it will be laughable.
The custard brains at British Airways are a disgrace to the Union Jack, if only Churchill was
still around,
he would thin out their ranks, and give them a well deserved ass kicking for spitting on the
good men of his nation.
I agree,
they have no right putting the word "British" in their title,
they are not worthy.
No they are not.
Well, Mary,
that is all we have time for, thank you for a very interesting discussion.
Any time, Hugh.
I have a joke for you before we go.
Okay, let's hear it.
Why did the head of British Airways stare at a bottle of orange juice for four days?
I don't know.
Because it said "Concentrate".
Until next time, goodbye.
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British Airways, The Airline For Feminists

2307 Folder Collection
dennis published on September 10, 2014
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