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  • (music) (steam whistle)

  • Ding dong! Business Cat, I'm here for the shareholder's meeting!

  • (schlunk) Right on schedule. First order of business:

  • are we still on for Jelly Jam Sandwiches at six?

  • I'm warming them up in my hat right now... using Brain Power!

  • (Delta Blues Crooner) Jeeeelllllyyy Hrrrmmmm Jaaaaaam!

  • Good. Well, that's all I have. Any new business with you?

  • Mmmm, I found this dumb baby. (cute baby noises)

  • A dumb baby? Whose dumb baby? I dunno. It was just on the ground being stupid,

  • so I picked it up. We'll be your dads until we find your actual dumb parents.

  • Dumb babies are expensive and bad for business. How can we turn this crisis around?

  • Don't ask me. You're the Business Cat. Yes... I am the Business Cat.

  • We should invest money in the baby for future gains. Here...

  • (whump) Put these dollars in its mouth.

  • (coo)

  • Is it generating any profit?? Eew, it's generating something...

  • This is no good. One might say this is the opposite of good.

  • Do you think the baby's... EVIL ??? Since the arrival of this baby, our liquid

  • assets have plunged 80,000 percent. (whap)

  • If this trend continues, we will have infinitely negative liquid assets by the end of the quarter.

  • (crash) Douglas, go find that Voodoo-Baby's parents

  • before it ruins the business. (crumbling)

  • Or I'll dispose of it... myself. But, where are they?

  • (music) That was good, but you're coming in with the

  • beats too early. Wait for the arpeggios. Haunted baby, incoming!

  • AAAH!!!! (crash) Ha ha, Wendy! You drop babies harder than

  • your robot thing drops fat beats! What are you doing with a baby?

  • Finding it a home. Is it yours? Oof! No. It's cute. And, sticky!

  • It got its grubby mittys into my jelly jam. (Blues Crooner) Jelllyyy Jaaaamm, gettin'

  • babies all stickyyyyy! Wait, why do you think it's mine?

  • You can give up the charade, Wendy. Business Cat told me all about your baby-prison.

  • Please don't call my uterus a "baby-prison." (cannon shot)

  • Don't shoot! I'll confess government secrets! (clank)

  • Douglas! I purchased this expensive tank to protect us from financial bankruptcy. Coincidentally,

  • we are now bankrupt. And it's that baby's fault. Deliver it to that baby-daddy...or

  • Baby-Momma... or both! Maybe deliver it to inside this tank-gun.

  • I'm voting against the tank-gun idea. Well, I'm voting for it twice.

  • No tank guns, Business Cat. I motion for an emergency shareholder's meeting.

  • Motion granted. You may enter the tank. Sorry Wendy. Shareholders only.

  • You owe me, like, twelve dollars, Business Cat. Which means I basically own most of the business.

  • No girls.

  • (clang) Oooh, wow, it's really hot and muggy in here.

  • Yep. Enough of this nonsense. We can't afford having

  • this baby around any longer. It needs a home that isn't the ground. We

  • should take care of it! If you don't lose that baby, I'LL lose that baby for you!

  • You'll have to get through me first, Cat Man!

  • Looks like somebody's cruising for a bruising.

  • This kid's stomach is growling. Do you have any babyfood on you? Like, mushy fruit preserves?

  • (Blues Crooner) Muuushy Fruuuuit!!!! Mushy Fruit Preserves, what!

  • We can't find your parents, but, we can't afford to feed you our jelly jam.

  • It's just too precious a commodity! Well... I guess this is... goodbye.

  • (music) Here's a knife in case any hobos give you

  • trouble. This baby, forge your path into the future. Rely on yourself. A lot of babies

  • with missing parents become totally rad adults. So, do that. Grow up and be rad.

  • (steam whistle) Let it go, Douglas. It's a baby of the rails

  • now. It's free. This isn't right! We should have raised him

  • as our own. Douglas, that baby's safer on the rails than

  • with us. We'd make terrible parents. I did toss him around like a football...

  • I gave that kid my shanking knife! Do you know how irresponsible that was? With us out

  • of the equation, that baby has a slightly higher probability of being just fine.

  • (Blues Crooner) Teerrrrrible Paaaarents... that gave a knife to a baby!

  • Uuuh, we forgot to turn the tank off. Let's eat jelly jam first, worry about the

  • murder-tank later. (Blues Crooner) Those knuckleheads broooooke

  • my rainbow! It's a damn shame. Hangover!

  • Jeeeelllllyyy Hrrrmmmm Jaaaaaam!

(music) (steam whistle)

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Our New Electrical Morals on Cartoon Hangover

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