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  • now I'm a big curry fan but there's a lot more to indian cooking than just curries alone.

  • So tonight I'm going back to the floor to learn how to cook good tandoori food.

  • I've come to Southall in West London an epicenter of asian cuisine.

  • I'll be working at the brilliant one of its busiest restaurants, We'll be serving more than 150 covers in just three hours time.

  • So the pressure's on.

  • I'm heading down the ranks under the critical eye of head chef, Jazz and big boss, good lou So where am I working?

  • You're gonna be working right here on the clay oven and that gets up to what temperature That goes up to around about 400°, Jesus the clay oven or tender is where all the tandoor dishes are made.

  • I have given Gordon the hardest jobs in the kitchen that to handle clairvoyant and that's your naan bread.

  • You see kebabs, tandoori, chicken, tandoori, lamb chops, let's see how it gets on.

  • My first lesson is making lamb.

  • Sikh kebabs one of the most popular starters on the menu.

  • Sikh kebabs are made with lamb mints and 20 different spices chili porters, porters chopped onions.

  • Once the meat's been seasoned, I have to get it onto the skewer, jesus, one finger going like this.

  • Sunil made this look easy, push squeeze on finger out.

  • It's going to take your finger out.

  • You need to practice man.

  • Alright, let's see what he's already said.

  • That's it ready.

  • So mine's bigger than yours.

  • It doesn't matter does it?

  • Each tender can cook 20 schools of meat or fish at a time at 400°. Everything cooks in minutes.

  • I thought I had asbestos hands after 20 years in the kitchen.

  • But these skewers are red hot.

  • Oh sh it.

  • Okay.

  • Watch your hands So no tongs, no gloves and that's one portion that's taken me 10 minutes.

  • Naan breads are also cooked here.

  • Sunil makes it look really simple so I'm feeling more confident.

  • That's your perfect naan bread.

  • There are five varieties each rolled shaped and then cooked on the inside of the oven.

  • That's good.

  • Fuck is it hot?

  • Yeah that's hot in there.

  • Take just one minute to cook before they're peeled from the oven and served.

  • It's sticking like a ship to a blanket.

  • Huh?

  • Hello?

  • Oh bollocks shit sucking.

  • Now it's too hot it looks like it's been mauled by a rottweiler.

  • You can do like 14 breads naan breads in one go.

  • I'm struggling with 1 14 on.

  • I'm so bad at this it's embarrassing.

  • I'd better get a grip before service starts or I'll be letting everyone down.

  • As long as he listens to me what I need from him.

  • We won't have any kind of problem.

now I'm a big curry fan but there's a lot more to indian cooking than just curries alone.

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You need practice man' | Gordon Ramsay Learns to Make Kebabs

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