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  • come.

  • Just done it's sunshine.

  • Oh, daisy.

  • As soon as we print up these pets, they'll all be ready for the wags and wiggles.

  • Pet parade.

  • Just a few more out bows to go.

  • Bad news girls.

  • The pets are ready to start the parade, but we're still missing our grand marshal of the parade leader.

  • Here he is now.

  • Howdy, howdy.

  • Mr gander nibbles looks adorable way.

  • Thanks to you.

  • Nibbles will be the grand marshal of your fancy pets.

  • Let's get them lined up with the other pets.

  • What now?

  • Nibbles stand right here and I'm get back here.

  • Oh nipples come out boy!

  • I just know that ponies right under my nose.

  • Hey, We've got to get you to lead the parade.

  • Come one.

  • Come on and win the apple of your prize.

  • Hiya, cuckoo loca.

  • Ready to reel in a tasty prize.

  • Get your golden corn dog before they're gone.

  • We've been waiting to start the parade.

  • And where's nibbles?

  • That hungry hungry horse is out of control.

  • I can't get them to line up with all the other parade pets.

  • Oh, corn flab it.

  • I've drink nibbles.

  • Was ready to be the grand marshal with your parade, but some dreams don't come true.

  • Let's go home nibbles.

  • Well at least I got one apple left.

  • Hold on there cowboy.

  • There's still a way to save our pet parade and your dreams.

  • Mhm.

  • Alright, cuckoo loco.

  • Let the pet parade begin.

  • You giddy up, We're waiting for.

  • Follow my lead.

  • Come, just done.

  • It's sunshine.


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