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  • Wireless charging packs are convenient

  • but charge slower, as they provide less power.

  • To ensure your iPhone charges quicker,

  • use a USB cable instead.

  • Check to see if your USB cable is faulty.

  • It could be frayed, damaged, or have internal issues.

  • If your iPhone is charging slowly,

  • try replacing the cable with a new one.

  • Your iPhone will receive less power

  • if you charge it from your computer.

  • To charge faster,

  • plug the USB straight into a wall outlet.

  • Not all power adaptors provide the same power.

  • For best results,

  • use either the power adaptor that came with the phone

  • or reputable models from a company like Anker,

  • which also makes fast-charge adaptors.

  • If you're using your phone while it charges,

  • you'll drain the battery.

  • To charge your phone faster,

  • stop using it and let it charge up.

  • For the fastest charging,

  • turn the phone off completely.

  • Your connection port could be filled with debris or dirt.

  • Have a look inside and carefully clean it

  • with a toothpick or compressed air.

  • For more info on cleaning,

  • check out our video on how to clean a USB port.

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