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  • Hi, I'm Sabrina Carpenter and this is what's in my bag.

  • Okay, first and foremost my lips are always dry.

  • I'm always traveling.

  • So airplanes very dry.

  • We all know this.

  • Um, and I kind of keep this wherever I go.

  • It's this Australian ointment, which is not my favorite word, clear lip balm or you can use it on, you know, scars I think, well this is at the top so I don't lose it.

  • But these are my vocal pastels.

  • They're actually like a chinese honey, which I'm always sucking on before I go onstage.

  • It just really opens my vocal cords.

  • So it's something that I use a lot religiously.

  • I usually keep like a baseball hat with me or just like a cap whenever I'm traveling and on the go, this one I got the other day, I went to a harry styles concert.

  • Um, yeah, so people know he's my friend and this is funny because having a small bag and a big bag is just ironic.

  • So this is my small bag in case, you know, you gotta really quickly just, you're on the go.

  • This is perfect for that and you can't like fit this somewhere.

  • It's really big.

  • So I have a small little bag.

  • This is one of my favorite books.

  • I reread it all the time, but it's just kids by Patti smith.

  • I apparently used a dollar bill as my bookmark because I can't find a bookmark.

  • Um, yeah, livin large, livin lavish right here.

  • This is kind of a lifesaver.

  • So this is my little like essential, like oils kit, reflection, energy, unwind, confidence and connection.

  • So depending on what I'm feeling, I can just whip this out.

  • It looks like I'm running a little illegal shop in my bag and I gave it to my friends sometimes.

  • I'm like, you need to chill.

  • And I'm just like, you know, essential oils on them.

  • This is my T proof camera and it's kind of my child.

  • I take it wherever I go.

  • It's either this or a disposable.

  • If I don't want to like risk ruining this, then I'll take a disposable.

  • But I love shooting on film.

  • My sister kind of got me into that because she's an amazing photographer.

  • So yeah, I make her proud.

  • I think when I hold this, it makes me look somewhat like I know what I'm doing.

  • And then there's a few more things, oh, this is just like embarrassing.

  • But I love chocolate when I'm on set.

  • It'll be funny every time I go back to like my like director's chair or like seat, there's always just like 100 Reese's peanut butter cups sitting in it because someone like saw it at crafty and would get them for me, which is really nice.

  • And then these are my go to sunglasses.

  • These are actually my mom's, I stole them from her.

  • So I guess they're vintage at this point, but you know, I don't know why they go over the nose.

  • Like I, they defeat the purpose of the sunglasses, but I like the little lenses.

  • I think they're very cute.

  • If I could trade bags with anyone for a day, it would probably be Rihanna because she has that All right, or Oprah.

  • I'm actually curious as to what's in Oprah's bag, one of the two.

  • And then I have my little uh Samsung earbuds.

  • I love them because they're purple.

  • They're actually like, so beautiful, Great sound.

  • You know how headphones work.

  • So keep these wherever I go.

  • And then this is the part where some people roll their eyes and then some people go, oh my God, I love her.

  • But this is my rose quartz.

  • I pulled this out the other day and I was like, that's a particularly big rock and like probably weighs more than it needs to in your bag.

  • And I was like, yeah, I don't know.

  • The thing about rocks is like, they choose you.

  • And this one just chose me because I think this is why because I do this all the time.

  • Um yeah, I just always like, keep some good energy around me.

  • So keep this with me wherever I go.

  • If I could fit one person in my bag, it would not be a person.

  • It would be my dog.

  • I'd so much rather have my dog Goodwin in this bag.

  • If this bag were a particular like, character in a film, I would probably say the Queen of Hearts.

  • You know, have you seen the Queen of Hearts because this bag is like giving it's screaming her lines if in the bag or a challenge, I would nominate Jim Carey because I have to know what this man carries around in his bag even if he's like traveling or like what he packs in a suitcase because I feel like it's just like a bag of like metaphors maybe the grinch costume, the full thing I want to know.

  • Like does he have it?

  • I've actually thought about this a lot longer than I should.

  • That's it, That's everything in my bag.

  • So thanks so much for watching and talk to you later.

  • I can't do outro as man and that's it, that's what's in my bag.

Hi, I'm Sabrina Carpenter and this is what's in my bag.

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