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  • Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky says that Russian forces have quote, completely destroyed the industrial Donbass region.

  • According to the regional Governor.

  • Russian shelling killed at least 12 people and wounded dozens in the eastern city of Severo Donetsk.

  • Ukrainian Defense Ministry said intense fighting there is preventing civilians from fleeing the area.

  • In his nightly video address, Alinsky described the situation there as hell.

  • The Ukrainian armed forces continue to make progress in liberating the heart of region, but the occupiers are trying to further strengthen the pressure in the Donbas.

  • It's held there and that's not an exaggeration.

  • The bombardment of several Donetsk is brutal and absolutely senseless.

  • Earlier, I asked DWS Manufacturer in Kiev for more on the Russian assault in the Donbass region, that is extremely difficult for civilians right now, in fact almost impossible actually to live in a way that's safe for them.

  • You have to understand that Russian forces are basically fighting over every village over every roll over every bridge and same way obviously Ukrainians as well as they want to make sure and prevent that Russian forces do not advance further into the Donbas region.

  • But while this is ongoing, especially we have to zoom in on this one town, several Donetsk, which is the administrative capital of the Luhansk region, which is one of the two regions of the Donbas region and ever since, ever since 2014, the Russian backed separatists took control over the capital of Luhansk Luhansk city ever since, that basically, several Donetsk is the Ukrainian territory In that regard, that Ukraine wants to make sure that this is not falling also into the hands of separatists or Russian forces right now.

  • So as a result, this is what shelling is really really increasing.

  • And this is unfortunately, you have the casualties over the past 24 hours alone, about 13 people reportedly killed in Luhansk region and about 12 of them, according to the Luhansk governor in Central Donetsk.

  • So really the focus here is on the city and unfortunately, this is the increased fighting, increased.

  • Shelling is going to make the life of people who are hunkering down there in their basements, wherever they can find shelter.

  • It is making their life, as Lansky said pointed out there as as as Hell.

  • And the really the question is just how long this is going to go on because in fact, just yesterday, President Zelensky signed a the decision that the martial law is going to be extended by three more months in Ukraine.

  • So very likely, unfortunately, this what he describes as quote, hell is going to last for quite some time.

  • Unfortunately, now it seems the recent success of Ukraine's troops has bolstered confidence.

  • We're going to take a quick look at this tweet by an advisor to President Zelensky, Mykhailo parole.

  • Yak, he's been involved in peace talks with Russia, he writes, do not offer us a cease fire.

  • And then he adds, Kiva is not interested in a new Minsk agreement.

  • The ceasefire agreed in 2014 2015 aimed at ending the fighting in the Donbas suggesting Moscow would simply launch another war in a few years and then he goes on until Russia is ready to fully liberate occupied territories.

  • Ukraine's negotiating team is weapons, sanctions and money, Fanny from from what you're hearing.

  • Have the Ukrainians now basically given up on peace talks and do they believe that they can keep going head to head with the Russians if this war continues to drag on as you're suggesting, Ukraine certainly did not give up on peace talks, but what they made clear and they made clear over and over ever since this war has begun or this new offensive to say so because people are actually still saying the war actually began 2014 for the first time, the separatists attacked the Donbas region and not in february this year.

  • They say they definitely want to have peace, but they don't want that piece to be dictated by Russia said.

  • They do not want Russia to basically dictate the conditions under which this piece is going to be a rich or let's just at first talk about a possible cease fire at some point because this is what people are looking at, They just have a ceasefire under which we can talk about what's the way forward.

  • But given the full picture that now, Ukraine is receiving billions of dollars from the U.

  • S.

  • But also from the G.

  • Seven countries.

  • This is the time when Ukraine says they want to win this war because they don't want this war to be frozen and Russia to attack again in a few years from that from now, DW correspondent Fanny, factual reporting from Kiev.

  • Thank you.

  • Now while fighting rages in Donbass, the city of Kharkiv is firmly in Ukrainian hands.

  • After Russian troops were driven away, authorities are now eager to restore public life and that includes getting the hockey of subway running again.

  • But there are some obstacles to that.

  • As our correspondent Matthias Bellinger has been finding out they came here to flee the bombs and now they don't want to leave.

  • People who have been living in the subway station are petitioning the government to let them stay.

  • Subway stations here in Kharkiv have been serving as bomb shelters since the beginning of the war.

  • Ekaterina Catalpa and her husband have been living here since the very first day.

  • I go home every three weeks but I always need to prepare myself mentally before I can go.

  • Then I run home and take a bath.

  • We can wash here.

  • But the conditions are not ideal.

  • Others don't have a choice.

  • They do not have a place to go back to anymore.

  • This station is the terminal station of the metro line, the northernmost station in the city it's closest to the front line and to those areas that have been most heavily shelled.

  • The shelling of Heart Kiev has all but subsided and the local government wants to get the subway system running again.

  • It wants the people to leave the metro and is offering to relocate them.

  • But many here don't trust the piece.

  • I do go out on the street sometimes but the fear is always there.

  • It is not that easy.

  • We need time to overcome it around the subway station.

  • Many of the houses have been destroyed and some streets barely a house has been untouched.

  • Olga has also spent the past months in the subway.

  • It's the first time she's come back to see the apartment where she lived with her mother and her son.

  • She was told that there was damage but she didn't know how bad it was.

  • Oh yes it's terrible.

  • Got him on.

  • Yeah, no explanation.

  • The shell hit a wall in one of the rooms, there's debris everywhere.

  • She documents everything.

  • People can report the damage on the government website but nobody knows how long it will take to get any support.

  • My knees are shaking, my knees are actually shaking.

  • I still can't believe it.

  • I knew that the windows were broken.

  • If only that shower hadn't hit.

  • If there wasn't this hole in the wall we might still somehow moved back.

  • The house is still standing.

  • But this is different for now.

  • The only thing to do is to collect some of their belongings.

  • They will not move back to the subway but to a relative's house.

  • Okay let's take a look at some of the other developments in the war in Ukraine.

  • The US Senate has overwhelmingly approved nearly $40 billion US authorized the shipment to Ukraine of another $100 million Pentagon stocks.

  • The United States German chancellor Olaf charlotte says Ukraine's allies will not accept a peace dictated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing german lawmakers ahead of a european meeting on Ukraine.

  • Later this month, Chancellor Schulz pledged to supply more weapons to Ukraine and to work quickly to make europe independent of Russian energy.

  • Russian missiles have hit a grain warehouse in eastern Ukraine, officials say the storage facility south of Zap oreja is now completely unusable.

  • Russia has repeatedly targeted Ukraine's grain warehouses and other civilian infrastructure.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky says that Russian forces have quote, completely destroyed the industrial Donbass region.

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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy: Russian forces 'completely destroyed' the Donbas | DW News

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