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  • IPhone users can scan documents and QR codes on their device

  • using the built-in notes and camera apps.

  • Locate your notes app and open it.

  • Open an existing note or start a new one

  • by pressing the pencil-and-pad icon

  • in the bottom right corner.

  • Above the keyboard, you will see a camera icon.

  • Tap this.

  • Tap "Scan Documents."

  • Your camera will now activate

  • and the scanning process will begin.

  • The two icons at the top of the screen

  • allow you to set your flash setting

  • and your color setting.

  • Your iPhone will automatically detect the document,

  • place a yellow box around it,

  • and immediately scan it.

  • If your document isn't automatically detected,

  • you can tap "Auto" in the top right corner

  • and change to manual mode.

  • Now position the camera over the document

  • and press the capture button at the bottom

  • when you're ready.

  • It's the same button you use to take a photo.

  • Your image will now pop up,

  • ready for you to reposition the box

  • around the document you want to scan.

  • Line the corners up with the corners of your document.

  • Press "Keep Scan" to continue

  • or "Retake" to delete the file and start again.

  • Once you finish scanning all of the pages you need,

  • tap "Save" in the bottom right corner to finish.

  • Your scanned document will now appear in your note.

  • Open your camera and position it

  • so that the entire QR code is visible.

  • The iPhone will detect the barcode

  • and put a yellow box around it.

  • Once it's been scanned,

  • a notification bubble will appear.

  • Tap this to be taken to the website

  • associated with the QR code.

IPhone users can scan documents and QR codes on their device

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