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  • Hey there!

  • Welcome to Life Noggin!

  • There's this vampire movie coming out called Morbius.

  • I'm not really too sure what it's about.

  • I watched the trailer.

  • I was kinda confused.

  • Haven't really studied up on the character, but I know he's a vampire and I'm pretty sure

  • a biochemist?

  • and as a biochemist, Morbius actually has a lot in common with real-world scientists.

  • For one, he's not the first to explore human blood as a cure for disease.

  • Though, of course, no real scientist has ever turned themselves or a patient into a living

  • vampire through these attempted cures.

  • And, so far, none of these attempts have actually cured any illnessesthough we are getting

  • closer.

  • But these trials do show the level of fascination that humans have had with their own blood

  • over the centuries.

  • And we'll get into that, but first, are we sure vampires aren't real?

  • Yes, we are.

  • However, there are people who act a lot like vampires.

  • The vampire myth is thought to have originated as an explanation for certain unpleasant diseases

  • that mimic vampire traits.,

  • For instance, what is now known as porphyria causes rashes or blisters to develop on the

  • skin when exposed to sunlight.

  • And rabies causes light sensitivity, aggression, and biting.

  • And while there's no evidence that anyone has actually needed to drink human blood to

  • live, people have been drinking it since the first century AD to try to cure illnesses,

  • particularly epilepsy.,

  • The belief in the curative properties of blood was either linked to religion, from the testimony

  • of a cured patient, or even by a doctor.

  • Today, people who drink human blood are calledsanguinarians,” orreal vampires.”

  • Unlike our blood-hungry ancestors who drank the blood of people who were recently killed,

  • today's sanguinarians drink the blood of willing donors believing that it will cure

  • an illness or make them stronger.

  • Clinically, their compulsion to drink blood is referred to as Renfield's syndrome, named

  • after a character in Dracula.

  • It's a very rare disorder and there's been very little study on it, but some scientists

  • believe it may be a psychiatric illness.

  • However, drinking human blood comes with some complications.

  • Mainly, humans don't have the right mechanisms needed to digest it and the high levels of

  • iron can be toxic.,

  • But there are ways scientists are using blood as a medical tool.

  • Blood transfusions, for instance, save countless lives each year.

  • And scientists are now finding that they can also be used to treat diseases associated

  • with aging.

  • In 2005, researchers discovered that by connecting the circulatory systems of young and old mice,

  • the tissues in old mice were rejuvenated by the blood of young mice.

  • Later, the same results were found to occur after a single blood transfusion.

  • These discoveries have led to further investigations into the properties of young blood in order

  • to determine what components are causing this aging reversal and how they can be applied

  • to patients.

  • Several clinical studies are already underway on patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

  • diseases after studies on mice found that giving young plasma to old mice led to improved

  • cognition.,

  • But we may not even need to use other people's blood.

  • New research on mice has shown that by simply diluting one's own plasma, similar anti-aging

  • effects are achieved.

  • So, while drinking blood won't do you any good, one day soon, we may be using blood

  • transfusions or plasma modifications to combat age-related diseases and eventually even to

  • help us live longer.

  • None of this is really gonna apply to me because I bleed binary, but I think it's really cool

  • that you humans have this.

  • back to me on the couch.

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  • as always my name is block, this has been life noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

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