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  • Using an iCloud backup,

  • you can transfer all of your apps to a new iPhone at once.

  • Before starting the transfer,

  • make sure that you've made an iCloud backup

  • on your old phone.

  • Open the settings app on your old phone.

  • Press your Apple ID.

  • Press "iCloud."

  • Press "iCloud Backup."

  • Make sure iCloud backup is enabled

  • and press "Back Up Now"

  • to have the most recent backup uploaded

  • and ready for your new phone.

  • When you begin the setup of your new device,

  • follow the prompts from Apple.

  • You'll be guided to a screen

  • that gives you an option to choose

  • how you want to transfer apps and data to this iPhone.

  • Press "Restore from iCloud Backup."

  • This will copy over the data from your old phone

  • that you've backed up to iCloud in the previous step.

  • If you want to have a clean slate data-wise

  • on your new phone but would like to have your old apps,

  • you can access the app store

  • and view your previously downloaded apps

  • and select which ones you would like on the new phone.

  • Open the app store.

  • Press your profile image to open the account settings page.

  • Press "Purchased."

  • Press "My Purchases."

  • Here are all the apps you've downloaded

  • on all iOS devices signed in to this Apple ID.

  • Choose the apps you want to download

  • by pressing on the cloud

  • with the downward arrow next to them.

Using an iCloud backup,

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