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It’s almost that time of the year again- Mid-Autumn Festival. and that means… mooncakes.
So today’s video will be a guide to mooncakes. Mooncake is a type of pastry eaten during Mid-autumn festival.
And the meaning behind is 團圓 which means that entire family together and spend time together like a harmonial circle.
Mooncakes are usually round or square and have prints on them like special words or symbols or something that represents the brand name or type of fillings in it.
Different regions have different types of mooncakes. Most of the mooncakes we are familiar with is the Western Cantonese style - 廣式月餅.
It has the glossy, thin, radish brown tree crust, and the filling in the mooncakes varies. It can be filled with Lotus Seed Paste, very sweet and also my favorite mooncake filling.
Due to its high price, lotus seed paste is considered luxurious filling. Red Bean Paste fillings are very common Asian dessert filling.
Jujube Pastes are paste made with dried jujube fruits. It is dark red with smoky, fruity and sometimes sour flavor.
Five Kernel. A fillings that contain a blend of five types of nut or seeds that has been coarsely chopped and held together by maltose syrup.
The most common types of nuts and seeds used are walnut, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seed and almond.
The fillings that I have just mentioned can be used for other types of mooncakes too.
It is very common for Cantonese mooncake to have salted egg yolk inside.The egg yolks represent the moon.
The egg yolk is my absolute favorite.I always try to get the piece with most egg yolk in it.
Beijing style mooncake. There are few different types of Beijing mooncakes. There is the Zi Lai Bai mooncake. That's a white pastry and Zi Lai Hong that’s a darker pastry with a red circle on it.
Both of these mooncakes are under dry and flaky side and used essentially the same types of fillings like rock sugar, peach seed, melon seed, with stereo blossom and mountain horf on.
From afar, Zi Lai Bai and Zi Lai Hong look a little bit like buns.
The other type of Beijing style mooncake is Ti Jiang mooncake.
This kind has a light, foamy, dough kind of crust… kind of like a light shortbread pastry. Unlike Cantonese style mooncake, this one is thicker and harder on the outside and it also has less fillings than the Cantonese style.
Ti Jiang mooncake is very aromatic because it uses sesame oil as one of its ingredients.
Fan Mao mooncake is also another type of Beijing mooncake. This one has many many layers of super flaky crust.
Suzhou Mooncake is known for its layers upon layers of flaky pastry. They come in both sweet and salted varieties.
The savoury ones are usually made with pork mince and served hot. Pepper salt flavour is a popular flavour of Suzhou Mooncake.
Teochew Style Mooncake, this is another type of flaky mooncake that emphasizes on the roll of lard the roasting.
Yunnan Style mooncake is popular in Yunnan, Guizhou and surrounding area.It’s well known for using ham, honey, sugar as fillings. The flower crust pastry is roasted golden and it’s crispy, but not crumbly.
Taiwan style mooncake. There are two types of Taiwanese mooncakes. One has crust similar to the famous Taiwanese pineapple cake. The other is the flaky pastry crust. Popular fillings including, red beans, mung beans and taro paste.
Traditional mooncakes are very oily and each one of those is 1,000 calories. Well, you are meant to share with your family and not eat the entire thing yourself not showing its caring.
However, health-conscious people have invented lower-calorie mooncakes. People offer a lot of fillings, like pineapple, durian, taro, chocolate, coffee and even ice cream.
In Hong Kong, they invented this snow skin mooncake which is not baked, but instead has the glutinous rice crust and that needs to be frozen.
The crust itself can be infused with flavours, like chocolate and fruit. The filling is more like a dessert and it’s comparable to mochi ice cream.
And there’s even jelly moon cake, the crust is made out of algr gelatin with a variety of fruit flavoring. Okay, enough talk about mooncakes. What is your favorite mooncake?
Mine is the Cantonese mooncake with lotus seed paste and with as many egg yolks as possible.
It’s no skin moon cake. I have tried it once and I don’t remember what flavour it was. But I just remember it was delicious and it blew my mind. I am going to try and find myself a snow skin mooncake this Mid-Autumn festival.
Remember the most important thing about moon cake is sharing it with your family over some tea while moon gazing. Have a amazing Mid-Autumn festival! And hope you get to try some of these amazing pastries.
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49266 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on September 25, 2015    Ashley Chen translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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