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  • To be honest, I was so shocked when I realized it's considered a weed in North America, cuz

  • it's so cute and aromatic.

  • But I think people in North America see it as a weed for a reason.

  • I think it's a good time to talk about a million PAAs asking how to get rid of Ground Ivy,

  • which made up about 99% of the PAAs when you search Ground Ivy on Google.

  • Since we have limited time, I will choose the article that I personally like the most

  • to share, it titled "Creeping Charlie: Management and Value to Pollinators" published by University

  • of Minnesota which has a very good Biological and Biomedical Sciences program.

  • This article explained why Ground Ivy is considered weed pretty well.

  • Why people can't just let the Ground ivy be and live peacefully with other plants in your garden.

  • That's because it literally cannot live peacefully with others.

  • According to this article, Creeping Charlie will infiltrate lawn areas that have been

  • neglected or otherwise poorly managed.

  • Once established within a lawn, creeping Charlie may suppress the growth of surrounding plants,

  • due to a characteristic calledallelopathy”.

  • An allelopathic plant will produce biochemicals that deter the fitness of surrounding plants.

  • This article also talked about how to get rid of it, which I will put the link in the

  • description.Hello, everyone!

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  • how to find useful information using Google's People Also Ask feature.

  • Every week, I make a video focusing on one specific entity with more in-depth content.

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To be honest, I was so shocked when I realized it's considered a weed in North America, cuz

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