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  • Once upon a time there was a little  motivated mind. It had many friends,  

  • a stable job and plenty of  good ideas to change the world.

  • To secure a good life for itselfthe little mind got up early,  

  • dressed smartly, picked up that  coffee and arrived first at work.

  • As time passed, the mind got so good at its  routine that it got up automatically, dressed  

  • up blindly, picked up that coffee without thinking  and worked without having to pay much attention.

  • But then the mind got so good at  it all, that it stopped learning,  

  • and as a result got bored, and sick and bitter.

  • The little mind tried  everything. Expensive clothes,  

  • fine dining, drugs, therapy, scuba  and skydivingBut nothing worked.

  • The little mind kept on losing weight, and  willpower until the day it didn't get up…  

  • didn't dress up... didn't pick up that  coffee... and didn't show up to work..

  • It was then when it decided things had to change!  

  • Not all over a sudden, because that  never works, but in small steps.

  • It started by getting up earlier, just byminutes. It started dressing up differently,  

  • but only a bit. It got that coffee, but not  to go and it began working a little less.

  • With every day that went by, the little mind  got a bit more timetime to try new things,  

  • time to talk to strangers, time to work one  some of those crazy ideas to change the world.

  • And with every new experience the mind  became stronger. It found a new routine,  

  • made new friends, and developed a new passion.

  • Eventually the little mind even found a soulmatemade a real family, and started a new job. Every  

  • once in a while, it looks at the fruits of its  labor - one of which is this little story.

  • From years of research we know that in  order to get through life effectively,  

  • we need rigid routines, mental  biases and muscle memory.

  • However, we also know that to find our passion, to  fall in love, and to make peace with who we are,  

  • we sometimes need to slow down and  break the routines we have built.

  • How about you? Did you change your life,  

  • find your true passion and fall in love with  something or someone? Share your thoughts in  

  • the comments below. Our little minds are very  much looking forward to reading your story!

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Once upon a time there was a little  motivated mind. It had many friends,  

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The Story of A Little Mind

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    Summer posted on 2022/04/13
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