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  • cbeebies bedtime story

  • hello my name is gok and  i'm here to read you a cbeebies bedtime story i've  

  • spent a lot of my life helping people feel better  about themselves because i want everyone to feel  

  • brave and fearless including you our story tonight  is about a mum who is all of that and so much more  

  • it's called my mum is a lioness it's written  by swapna haddow and illustrated by dapo adeola

  • run hide my mum is a lioness  

  • oh my goodness you're so cute i could just gobble  you up see she's been chasing babies all day  

  • laying down her catch on the floor and  now she's on the hunt for bigger prey

  • you can't outrun my mum she will catch you in  a single pounce because she's a mighty lioness  

  • she spends all day thinking  about how best to serve you up  

  • perhaps you'll be tossed in a wrap perhaps you  will be seasoned and perhaps you will be roasted  

  • and toasted and drizzled in oil because she's an  imaginative lioness sometimes she hunts in a pride  

  • no one is safe from the aunties  she roars louder than anyone

  • wahoo

  • even dad even grandad she always makes me show  off for all the aunties because she's a very proud  

  • lioness she paws at my hair and pinches my  cheeks and the pride joins in too mum loves sports  

  • she teaches me how to chase and how to pounce  and how to leap higher than all the other cubs  

  • because she's a tireless  lioness but i'm still learning

  • mum she carries me to safety and covers me  in licks her strong warm lioness hugs make  

  • everything better my mum might be a lioness  but there isn't anyone i'd rather cuddle with  

  • than my mum besides there are beasts fiercer than  lionesses wait until you see my sister's bite

  • i wonder if you know someone who sounds like this  it might be your mum your grandma or a teacher at  

  • school maybe you'll grow up to be a strong  confident fearless lioness or lion yourself  

  • i really hope that's the case  because we all have that inside us  

  • just waiting to come out remember though  even brave lionesses need to sleep  

  • so close your eyes and have a perfect  night's rest good night sleep tight

cbeebies bedtime story

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