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  • [music playing]

  • NARRATOR: I'm losing daylight.

  • This is an expanse of grassland and it

  • has what I need for a shelter.

  • And all this grass that I'm going to cut down,

  • I'm going to either turn into my bed or use for my roof.

  • Hits the rainy season which means,

  • you better count on it raining.

  • No.

  • Wait.

  • Oh, my gosh.

  • I cannot believe this.

  • While I was chopping I chopped up a clump of grass

  • and under the dirt clod, I just saw this little bit of color.

  • I would have never thought in my entire life

  • I would see one of these in real life.

  • This is a blind worm snake.

  • It has a little flickering tongue

  • as it's a digging machine.

  • It uses this its nose which is one big large hard scale.

  • And it uses it like a shovel or a wedge

  • and it's able to dig through the ground and look for its prey.

  • NARRATOR: It's a seven-striped blind snake,

  • a truly bizarre species.

  • It spends its life deep underground.

  • So sightings are incredibly rare.

  • When you're out here, you're up to your knees in mud.

  • You have funguses and parasites and all

  • the wounds that get infected.

  • The rain.

  • If you don't love these little things like this along the way,

  • this place would destroy you.

  • NARRATOR: Here just a few 100 miles from the equator,

  • the light goes out like a switch.

  • I've got to get back to my shelter.

  • [music playing]

[music playing]

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