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  • Right.

  • Hi the guy you see next to me is solving one of the hardest problems in the world.

  • Hi, my name is Marino.

  • But first let me tell you what the problem is Pollution.

  • Sea lakes like this one are contaminated and according to data this is the case for 40% of the world's lakes and rivers.

  • So when Marino's childhood lake also got contaminated, I had to do something about it.

  • This scientist with a PhD degree from a Japanese University, took a break from school, went to a bank, got a loan and dedicated his time to fix my leg.

  • He came up with a unique solution.

  • You put this solution in dirty lake water and bam The solution attracts the contaminated particles and floats them to the top and this is so environmentally friendly that you can eat it because it's 100% organic.

  • So after 15 minutes you can see the difference between a clean and polluted water.

  • If I can clean this cap then I can clean the whole lake.

  • So he went to his childhood lake and dropped a ton of his solution, treated it with bio filters, nanotechnology and crazy biology.

  • And after a few months he was able to transform the lake from this to this.

  • A full 180° transformation that created a lake clean of parasites, bacteria and pollution.

  • The birds came back and people did to what what is this method that you used?

  • I used another technology but another technology used in the wastewater treatment.

  • But I used in the wetland and the natural habitat and why don't more people do this?

  • Because it's expensive?

  • It's very hard.

  • But it's not impossible.

  • It's not impossible.

  • That's why now Marino is thinking big.

  • He wants to clean Peru's biggest lake.

  • This with an entire team phds in science, millions of dollars in funding patented technology and a noble goal of making the world cleaner for everybody.


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