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  • If you're experiencing audio issues with an iPhone,

  • the problem is more than likely

  • the software, not the hardware.

  • Turn it off and on again,

  • and you'll usually be all set.

  • If you are still having audio issues

  • or you just want a deep clean,

  • here is how to clean your phone's speakers.

  • We will be cleaning an iPhone 12 mini for this example.

  • The best way to clean dust and dirt

  • from the front speaker of an iPhone

  • is with a brush with soft bristles, like a paintbrush.

  • Gently brush across the speaker from bottom to top,

  • moving across the length

  • of the long, thin speaker several times.

  • You can also use the soft brush

  • to clean the bottom speakers

  • by working the bristles into the holes.

  • Another way to clean debris

  • from the bottom speakers of an iPhone

  • is with a toothpick.

  • In this video, I will be using a plastic one.

  • Gently insert the sharp point of the toothpick

  • into the speaker holes,

  • then slowly tilt the toothpick until it pops out.

  • Always pick from side to side and out;

  • never push into the phone.

  • Painter's tape is another tool you can use

  • for cleaning your iPhone speakers.

  • Roll up a little bit of tape sticky side out

  • and stick it on your front speaker.

  • Lift to remove debris.

  • You can also roll up the tape to form a point

  • and lift dirt from the bottom speaker holes.

  • You should now have an iPhone that is a little cleaner

  • and better-sounding than before.

If you're experiencing audio issues with an iPhone,

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