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  • In the celestial court of the Jade Emperor lived seven princesses.

  • Each had their chosen place in court,

  • but the youngest princess had a special skill.

  • She could pluck clouds from the sky and spin them into the softest robes.

  • Her work was so precise,

  • not even the most expert eye could find a seam.

  • But her craft was the same day after day, and she longed for new inspiration.

  • Finally, the Queen Mother granted the weaver permission to visit Earth.

  • The other princesses would accompany her

  • to protect their sister from earthly dangers.

  • Dressed in special robes that allowed them to fly between Heaven and Earth,

  • the sisters soared down from the sky.

  • The weaver was in awe of the rolling hills and rivers,

  • and the sisters decided to swim in one of the glittering streams.

  • As the weaver floated, she dreamt about staying forever.

  • Meanwhile, a lone cowherd approached the riverbank.

  • He came here often to sweep his parent's grave

  • and speak with his only companion

  • a stoic bull who listened patiently to the cowherd's sorrows.

  • But upon seeing the weaver's beauty, the cowherd forgot his routine.

  • While he longed to introduce himself, his lonely lifestyle had made him timid.

  • Thankfully, the bull saw his friend's plight and offered some advice.

  • He told the cowherd of the swimmer's celestial origins

  • and of her dream to stay on Earth;

  • but also that she could only remain if she lost her ticket back to Heaven.

  • As the cowherd approached, the princesses flew away in fear

  • leaving their dreaming sister behind.

  • While keeping her magic robes hidden,

  • the cowherd offered his own garment as a substitute.

  • And after gaining her trust, the pair began exploring the countryside.

  • She was struck by his caring nature,

  • and he learned to see the world's wonder through her eyes.

  • Before long, the two had fallen deeply in love.

  • The weaver and the cowherd built a prosperous life.

  • Their farm flourished, and the weaver taught her skills to local villagers.

  • As time marched on, the pair was blessed with two healthy children,

  • but their bull was growing old.

  • Before he died, the bull implored the family to keep his hide

  • and use its magic at their time of need.

  • While the husband grieved for his friend,

  • the weaver's mind turned to her other family.

  • Dusting off her magical robe, she decided to pay a visit to the heavens.

  • But when the weaver swept into her old home,

  • no one seemed surprised to see her.

  • With a start, she realized that barely any time had passed

  • for a year on Earth was merely a day in Heaven.

  • When her family learned of her new life, they were enraged.

  • How dare she waste her love on a human?

  • The weaver tried to escape back to Earth,

  • but the Queen Mother plucked a golden hairpin from her head

  • and tore through the sky.

  • A great gulf opened, forming a river of stars between Heaven and Earth.

  • Below, the cowherd trembled, but he also remembered the bull's final words.

  • Hastily placing each child in a basket,

  • he draped the bull's pelt over his back and hurtled upwards.

  • Above the clouds, each lover attempted to wade through the surging stars.

  • But no matter how hard they struggled,

  • the gulf between them only grew wider.

  • Day after day, the Queen Mother watched without pity.

  • Years passed, and the weaver and the cowherd had no one,

  • except the passing magpies to cheer them on.

  • Finally, their love moved the Queen Mother's heart.

  • While she couldn't forgive her granddaughter entirely,

  • the Queen Mother would allow the weaver to meet her earthly family once a year.

  • And so, in late summer, the magpies form a bridge across the Milky Way,

  • reuniting the weaver and the cowherd.

  • At this time of year, millions of people in East and Southeast Asian countries

  • tell similar tales of these star-crossed lovers,

  • celebrating their annual reunion.

In the celestial court of the Jade Emperor lived seven princesses.

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The myth of the original star-crossed lovers - Shannon Zhao

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